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GHOULS! Paul Muller Ghouls! - Bad Squiddo Games - *Funded & Fulfilled*


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We're all shipped! Most of them went out a week or so back, and the rest were yesterday.

THANKYOU everyone for helping my ghoul dream come true. Please do show me them as you get them painted, I've already seen some (and conversions!) and they're wicked!


I really do love ghouls!

With Warhammer The Old World returning, I can't wait to get a moment to paint all these up myself to add to my classic Vampire Counts army, which of course has all the other Paul Muller ghouls and... every other ghoul I've found in the last decade or more.


I've no idea if they're any good yet in the game, but who cares when you have a table full of ghouls!


The last of the painted ghouls arrived from Mr John Morris recently, and I LOVE this photograph



I'm currently working with Jon Hodgson on a project to bring more of his artworks to book form as backdrops for photographing miniatures, and it finishes this Tuesday, so a cheeky plug for that.




The next Bad Squiddo project is going to be....game related, so watch this space!

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