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Painting goals for October

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What are people planning on painting this month?


My goals for the month are:

  •  Paint a game token from Marvel United
  •  continue working on Mithril miniatures for the quarter
  •  Paint two figures from the annual box.
  •  Paint one more viking





Hobby goals for 2023

     Painting one large terrain piece each quarter or several smaller pieces. The goal here is to complete enough, to use in a game or scenario [Check!]

     Painting the 17 miniatures in my annual box  [ 12 so far]

     Painting  one game token each month [ 10 so far ]

     Painting three Mithril miniatures each quarter. This works out to an average of one per month; but this way I can paint them in batches [ 8 so far]

     I also have the unusual goal of not buying any miniatures (for myself) in 2023. I have no idea how I will accomplish this. [Update: I went to Reapercon and bought a bunch of miniatures]

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Wooooo, October! My goal is to continue painting every day, although I have a camping trip coming up in two weeks that will hamper that a touch. I'm planning on focusing on "Spooky" minis this month, hopefully knocking out that handful of Warmahordes Grymkin minis I have, plus ghosts, wraiths, fleshy undead and goblins from various Bones releases.


I'm also considering tackling some of the Lovecraft monstrosities I've got in Bones - Cthulhu, Dagon, Nyarlathotep, Shibniggurath - I don't have a lot of experience with larger figures, so it could be a fun project.

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I'm going to continue digging into the pile on the paint desk: 


-- Bones 6 promo wizard

-- human rogue

-- barbarian

-- female elf

-- orc w/ missing shield

-- giant scorpion

-- sphinx

-- plants & rocks terrain

-- griffon

-- etc


Working daily for an hour or so on the sci-fi terrain is not exciting but progress gets made so I'll keep doing that. 


I've got piles of stuff ready to paint, dinosaurs, scratch built terrain, 3d printed pieces, more Adventure Cats, spaceships, Sophie's Revenge... but not likely to happen this month. 



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Minis: October is spooky season, let's paint monsters! Maybe do the Balrog who has been haunting the paint desk for quite some time. 

Terrain: Table cleaned off and cutting mat ready! Make some newspaper hills and add the leftover Woodland Scenics cactuses to them. Donate to game store. Cut the meat trays into blobs and place on skewers. Cover with plaster to make hoodoos. Keep some, donate some? Begin casting plaster bricks for winter projects. Maybe start a few? Make 10 little adobe houses for Sandgrave. Paint the MDF Sandgrave stuff. This will probably take all winter. 

Buy: Make Reaper order. Muskets and Tomahawks FIW ruleset. Patiently wait for SB: Canada pre-order, then consider buying FIW minis, including Flint and Feather starter box. Begin the annual search for bottle brush Christmas Trees. Look for gently used Lincoln Logs for FIW terrain.

Game: Ask buddies if they want to get together to play LotR before the weather gets nasty. If yes, assemble nasty warband of wargs, bats, spiders, goblins and orcs for battle under trees.   

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I'm trying to get my painting bench cleared off before I go for hand surgery on Oct. 24th.


Here's what needs to be finished:


Chaos Acolytes mounted on snakes

3 Skeletons mounted on snakes

All cleaned, assembled, filled, and based


Chaos Acolytes mounted on hippogriffs

1 Giant Griffon

All cleaned, assembled, filled, based, and base painted.


The Egg

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still running on no motivation, after finishing the core set. 

But I guess I should come up with something: 

1. finish terrain for red moon adventure

2. flying rocky 

3. duo with a friend that moved across the pond

4. Trio with my long term team 

5. 2 Non-reaper figure - moonlight minis, darksword, or small run Kickstarters -  something I own that has been sitting. 

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I've nearly finished a number of Goat Folk, and have frankensteined together some toys to make Space Beasts. They're getting painted up in bright colors. Working on some hotel personnel from Brigade Games as well; just trying to make a dent in the Heap of Minis.

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On 10/1/2023 at 8:19 PM, Inarah said:

I'm going to continue digging into the pile on the paint desk: 





Only completed a couple of figures that had been started in Sept.   This month was a real slow-down for me. 


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