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2023 Advent Calendars - Now with more Reaper!


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Christmas Advent Calendars for 2023 have returned!  Due to a house move for Santa, we're very limited on what we're able to do for Advent Calendars this year.  We are limiting our production to 100 boxes, and no more.  


This year, we're upping the amount of Reaper miniatures included (now 14!).  Included will be two Reaper paint products, some items created on Santa's new laser, and other assorted fun Christmas goodies from Santa and Mrs Claus.  If you enjoy Reaper products, fantasy related items, playing D&D, etc.  then this box is for you.


So, get them while they are still available.  I expect that they will most likely all be sold by the end of October.  Again, we will NOT be making any additional ones this year!  Once they are gone, that's it!


Get yours here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/1234184272/gaming-advent-calendar-minatures



On a personal note, Santa wants everyone to know how much he appreciated those that came up at Reapercon and gave such positive feedback for last year's box.  This year we are trying to up our game as much as possible (in the middle of a house move).   We weren't sure if we could pull it off this year, but the joy that you guys expressed to us about last year's offering reset Santa's spirit meter and we knew we had to.

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