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Picture taking backdrops and scenery


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Yo all.. Technical question here...


I notice a lot of you have nice scenic backdrops in front of which you take pictures of your minis (jester springs immediately to mind). I'm just wondering if these are just pieces of your gaming table or if they are little mini sets (like a stage for a play). If the latter, I was wondering if people could post pictures of their "sets". I'm thinking of building a small scenic set but would really like to figure out what works before I do. I was thinking something bread box size, and I would like to see the "entirety" of what people are using.




P.S. hope that made sense :)

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Here's a little setting I whipped up for such things:




I've since added some lichen and such to improve the foliage...add some bushes, etc.


You can sort of see that in the background of the mini show-off pic I've already posted on the boards...




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What is used as a background is a matter of personal preference but there are a few general things that help when making the selection.


Where do you want the emphasis? If you want it on the figure than a scenic background may detract from that. A figure displayed on a plain/neutral background like the one Flynn uses pops out at you when first viewed. The eye is drawn immediately to the figure since there is nothing else competing for attention. To really show the figure and the paint-job this is my preference.


Do you want to set the scene and tell something about the figure? If you are interested in sharing some character info with the viewer a scenic background allows you to incorporate descriptive items to do that. If I want to show the paint-job I did on a blacksmith a plain background works for me. But, if I want to let viewers know he is an armor smith a scene with his finished works in the backgound tells the story. It's similar to approaches in portraiture where we decide whether to capture the person at their best , making them the center of attention or do an environmental portrait to say something about them as well. As in portraiture many methods are useful and have their place.


Sorry to take so much space but I have seen many good paint-jobs shot against backgrounds where the scene catches my eye instead of the figure.

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Here's a piece that I built that works as a good backdrop with many different areas that can tell different "stories".


Made from styrofoam packing material, foamcore, popsicle sticks and hot glue mostly. On a foamcore base. The whole thing weighs less than 1/2 a pound.

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