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Secret Sophie 2023 is live!


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I received my item a little while back (super early!) from my Secret Santa, @buckyball. Thank you so much! I've been enjoying the coffee while I work on my own project here and have your mini's up (as well as last year's gifts) for inspiration. I appreciate you putting together some samples for me and leaving me with some pieces that work for me to practice on. I'm not using these new ideas in my WIP, but perhaps next year after I have some time to practice! Incidentally, the shiny metal mini is great for looking at how light plays across curved surfaces. Being a mini, you can focus on the general sweep of things rather than noticing all the reflective details in it.



Here's some WIP shots for my recipient. Rather lofty goals this year, so it's taking a little more time than I thought to get it finished.




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‘‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the crib,

The whole family was crafting, including the kids.


Play-doh kitchen for yutes, and a mini for  me daddy.

Half painted snapping turtle was invited to the tea party!


The kids call it “snappy” and I think that’s coo.

Secret Sophie, today was awesome, and this entire fam, THANKS YOU!”



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My Secret Sophie present arrived today! I have a whole orc war party! It's amazing! I don't have a forum name but I would like to thank J for the wonderfully painted orcs! My cell phone takes terrible photos that do not show how awesome these are. J freehanded a leopard skin pelt, it's so good! Thank you!



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