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A new poem of mine

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Commonplace casualty.

To life's foibles prone.

Curve, scent, softness anew.

Agonies plain yet unknown.

Pandora familiar.

Sister, mother, crone.

Whisper softly, slowly sigh.

Whimper, cry, moan.

Cloying musk of unknowing.

Solace savage in tone.

Grief is undone.

Succor's trespass condoned.

Yet we remain fettered.

Skin to skin and alone.

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I don't pretend to know more about poetry than I do, I slept through most of it in Lit. 101, but I do know what I like and I like this.


Very descriptive, very "visual". Your words evoked images and not a lot of poetry does that for me.


Please keep writing, I'm enjoying it.

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That was a very good poem.. it flows nicely, and upon checking my online dictionary and adding a few new words to my sad li'l vocabulary, it was a very evocative poem as well. I like the sparse yet direct wording of it. It has a style I like alot.

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Yeah keep writing


The most in poetry I know is whatever I picked up, rapping and watching spoken word guys in a cipher. We used to do those kind of ciphers back in the day, and they were always cool; got people thinking.


I'm a fan, keep it coming!

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