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After another longer than intended break from painting I've finally started a new project. As the title says this is another chance to clear my desk of miniature clutter that has once again accrued. At least it's not as bad as last time as only a handful of miniatures have built up.



Starting off I grabbed two similar miniatures and got to work. Luckily I've known the exact color scheme I've wanted for these two for awhile now, so I was able to just jump back in. 


I'm definitely out of practice but I'm still pleased with just one night's work. 


Spur of the moment I decided to switch things up and start another figure. I had only intended to try out my new green but ended up nearly finishing it too.


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Starting off tonight's session I got to work on the spearwoman. There wasn't all that much left though aside from painting the skin and a bit of cleanup. Once that was finished I went ahead and added a wash to the first three figures.20231018_220714.thumb.jpg.88fd0441dd7ebe39ddd91ef7fa9c5b33.jpg

I usually go pretty heavy with the black wash almost dip washing, albeit with a brush. Lately I've been easing up and going a lot lighter with the wash though and I think my miniatures are looking a lot better.


Moving on I grabbed the random Lannister Red Cloak I acquired cheaply from a bits bin. After a quick Google search I found I really liked the box art so I did my best to replicate it.


I had only intended to basecoat it but I found myself enjoying the figure so much I just kept going. The only reason I stopped tonight was simply because I didn't have enough time to wait for the wash to dry.


Having a bit too much black remaining on my wet palette I went ahead and basecoated the vampire capes to finish the session.


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The first four figures didn't get too much attention tonight but I did start painting the bases.20231019_215531.thumb.jpg.a476084284061b410a77226798e3668c.jpg


The two vampires were my main focus tonight and they're nearing completion. 


I decided to play with colors a bit on the right figure because I just couldn't decide on a color scheme. It ended up pretty outlandish and gaudy but the more I look at it the more it grows on me. I really doubt I'll forget how it looks but thankfully I grabbed a picture of it. After my next session it'll probably look very different. 

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Tonight's session was a bit light. The first four received a wash on their base but that was all.20231020_215317.thumb.jpg.851d3b200356e55cd77a7448ca40e911.jpg


The vampires received their final details and a wash. The real surprise of the night was my decision to keep the gaudy vampire as is and even add a bit more color.



Having multiple sets of figures in various stages of finishing the prudent thing would be to actually circle back and finish them. That's not what I did however as I ended the session by basecoating three more figures.


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Took a night off to celebrate the wife's anniversary, mine too I guess. Then I caught yet another cold. Deciding to take it easy my evenings were mostly mindless Television instead of painting. 


I did manage to make it to my desk Friday night, however painting took a backseat. Lately I've been gifted a lot of odd stickers and even a couple bumper stickers that I've been meaning to turn into magnets. So Friday the plan was to make a few stickers and then grab some brushes. Obviously that didn't happen though.


The rest of the weekend was pretty busy. One outing however put me in the same town as my local gamestore. With the justification that I don't get there very often and that they had a sale I came home with some new paint.


This project wasn't exactly intended to be a place to test new paints. After trying out my first bottles of Game Color though I quickly found myself trying them all out. So in a way I picked up new bottles at the perfect time.


As for tonight quite a bit got done but its not very flashy. First up I finished the bases of the first four miniatures, and got the Vampire bases to the wash stage.



Completely ignoring the witch I chose to focus on the bat like creatures. Working mostly on details they're getting close to finished. I also may have used these as an excuse to try out a few of my newest colors.


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Lucked into a free day and decided to put it to good use. Working off and on throughout the day I made a ton of progress and now almost all the figures are finished.


I finished up the bases of the two bat creatures and added a bit more to the boils of the diseased one.20231031_220822.thumb.jpg.bbb86e62db8134af273ff6889fbb2bb9.jpg20231031_220837.thumb.jpg.374028a073b35c4b915572b3f47b9130.jpg


The witch went from a simple basecoat to finished as well. I even added a simple glow effect to the jack-o-lantern using an ink technique I stumbled across.



The skelton and mummy were also finished. These painted up very quickly but were a lot of fun, its models like these that remind me why I have so many undead figures.



As for the final figure of the project all that remains is it's base.


I'm really pleased with how this one turned out.



Next session I plan to seal everything and hopefully paint the base rims. So with any luck final pictures will be coming soon.

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The figures are sealed and the base rims are painted.20231101_224313.thumb.jpg.706271b6c7a1243c22d1d13352d98b43.jpg

Tomorrow is probably sealing the base rims, flock, and final pictures.


Though it is really only general cleanup I also managed to put all of the project's paint away (even the new bottles). I use the typical color scheme of Cadiens for my Imperial Guard so I'll only need a few colors to finish the project. Looking over the heavy weapons tonight I'm seriously considering breaking out my airbrush again.

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So I did get a bit of painting done yesterday, but it certainly wasn't enough to warrant a post (I airbrushed the heavy weapons green). Today however I think there is enough progress to showoff.


All the weapon's "platforms" received their blue basecoat and one of them even got some metallic work. 



As for the figures from the project they are completely finished so here are their final pictures.








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Almost a month since my last post I finally managed to get back to my desk for one of my projects (a couple days ago the kid and I started on this year's Christmas ornament). As seems to be my norm these final pieces languished for too long with no progress and after just one session they're nearly done. 


All four weapons and their Ultramarine platforms are painted. Now all that's left is a wash and painting the bases.

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Not too much progress today but they're getting there. Earlier in the day I applied a wash to the weapons and their "platforms". In my regular evening session I basecoated the dirt.



Most of my painting time tonight was actually spent trying out something new. Its not miniature painting but I figured I'd share this anyway as its my first time attempting "real" painting.20231203_222122.thumb.jpg.b0820d7b20890b8daea497232ea7dcde.jpg

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I thought this project would be over by now but the week was just a little too long. After pushing my body everyday this week a session at the desk was just too much in the evenings. At some point though I did apply a wash to the bases, but after the week I just had I couldn't tell you when I actually did it.


Getting to the desk tonight I applied the highlight color on the dirt.20231208_211543.thumb.jpg.9164ffc12679fb90c4e975e00f96fff5.jpg

Though not exactly miniatures related I also made a few new magnets, finished my first "real painting", and cleaned up my desk.

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