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Loke Battlemat's "Deck of Many Insults"


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"These sharp observations, comebacks and quips will gain you the upper hand in any verbal altercation. Now your character can deliver devastating dialog with ease, crude cant and profane pose are all at your fingertips! And for the bards, your Vicious Mockery will land each and every time. Now no one will be in doubt who has scored the verbal victory! Please note that due to needlessly excessive use of bad languary this product is not suitable for any adventurers under the age of 14. Some knowledge of anatomy required."


Backerkit starts in less than 20 days.


Notification: https://www.backerkit.com/call_to_action/dc568cf0-3271-481a-9e8b-ced01805af62/landing




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Backers in the first 48-hours will receive '100 Dumb Ways to Die, in a TTRPG' PDF.



Loke Battle Mats’ Deck of Many insults is a deck of 100 cards of witty and sharp put downs, vicious mocks, insults and comebacks. Perfect for scoring a cutting verbal victory and spicing up your RPG table banter.

Beautifully illustrated, these cards will mean you are never left speechless or short of a vicious mock, and you can deliver the perfect line with style.

Back now for exclusive rewards and pricing!

This Backerkit crowdfunding campaign also includes a digital version of the Deck of Many Insults, laid out as a random roll table. And if you need more rudeness in your RPGs there is a “Rude Roll Tables” PDF which includes cheeky place names, NPC names, magic items, spells and more, all laid out as handy roll tables.

Publisher advisory – excessive use of needlessly strong language. Some knowledge of anatomy required.



As well as our Deck of Many Insults we're creating a crude & rude package of PDF roll tables all with an RPG twist!

Naughty NPC Names
Cheeky Spells
Amusing magic items

With a roll of the dice you can add some spice and flavor to your table!



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