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Wildspire Miniatures & Gloomhaven: Crimson Scales Thread


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Trying out the Wildspire miniatures as proxies for the fanmade expansion for Gloomhaven, Crimson Scales!


If you play Gloomhaven, Crimson Scales PnP is *free*. Looks like a lot of content, but you only need to PnP 30-some cards for the first scenario.


Monsters and Oni from the Wildspire Monsters set.

Dwarf from the Wildspire Heroes set.


Photobox improvised from Loke Battlemat's "The Veiled Dungeon" RPG Toolbox accessory!






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Some more Gloomhaven: Crimson Scales adventuring, with Wildspire and Crimson Scales miniatures!

If you have a 3D printer, you can download the CS miniatures (and PnP game expansion itself) *free* from the Crimson Scales game site!


Solo has you playing on hard mode. Barely made it alive. Maybe I should have noticed the 60gp we had at the start of the game we could have spent. 😛

You can buy from Amazon various steampunk cog bits. I recommend getting as small a size as possible. Half the bits I ordered are too large for basing.




Crimson Scales miniatures. If you print 3D, you can make 'em larger for easier painting, and to match Heroic scale. See if you can spot the Reaper bit in the picture!






Wildspire miniature proxies, from the Heroes set. The first steampunk guy replaces the astral traveler. I figure instead of being an astral native, he's found the secrets of astral travel and paid the price with one of his limbs. Which is fine, since the character has plenty of ranged combat attacks!



This gnome wizard, also from the Wildspire Heroes set, proxies for the steampunk alchemist. I was able to paint the flask the same color as the flask icon for the character.




Original Gloomhaven steampunk character, as an example of another steampunk base.




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Big fan of Wildspire and Gloomhaven, here, so I appreciate these. I think my favorite of this batch is the gnome wizard. Great color scheme on him. My only recommendation would be to go a little further with the purple highlights next time. It takes a while to build up the highlights on a dark purple like that. But once you get there, it really pops.

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Painted a few more proxies for Gloomhaven: Crimson Scales!


The scenario is still aquatic, so went for water-themed miniatures, rather than proxies based on the enemy artwork.


Lizardmen: Guard.

Turtle Cannoneers: Archer.

Frog Riders: See the spoiler!



So I looked for an aquatic-themed miniature who matched the powers, rather than the artwork, to proxy the miniature, and the enemy has a six-hex (?) straight piercing attack! This fit well with the frog's tongue, although the enemy doesn't actually move. I figure all the other effects of the enemy are from spells cast by the faerie.


Went through this CS scenario three times as solo, which is hard mode. Failed the first time. Succeeded the second time. Went after the treasure the third time. 🥯🥯🥯


Last picture shows the alchemy guy valiantly sacrificing himself to take down a poisoned guard, so that the star guy can get the loot. Huzzah!




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For Christmas, my party got a present. They didn't die in the scenario! ☠️


This Crimson Scales scenario takes place in a flooding chamber. It's a single room, and your heroes have to kill the boss monster. In the game, you use a regular standee as the boss. So, with the Wildspire Monster set, I used... SHARKNADO BEAR. 🐻 Don't tell him that his miniature is larger than his hex! I also used the Wildspire faeries on toads and D&D Snake miniatures to represent the jumping fast Giant Vipers, and Wildspire Mushroom men for the Lurking Horror monster, which has some spellcasting-like abilities..




Steamboy plays a Stun on all surrounding enemies, then performs a 3-Attack on Sharkbear. Astral guy then hits Sharkbear with two Attacks, finally killing him.




Too much gloss with the Army Painter Strong Tone, but he's a bear and he don't care. Especially when he's ripping your face off. Three times at once.




Another pic of the Super-Sayan frog-riding faeries, this time proxying for the jumping Giant Vipers. Also used some D&D miniatures for more Giant Vipers.




Druidic Mushroom Men as generic enemy spellcasters. I guess they fit the aquatic theme of the scenario...




Four different colors! Four times the work! And, when you game, you only see the mushroom caps, anyway. 🤦‍♂️



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Posted (edited)

For this Crimson Scales scenario, we had to heal four Infected city guards and archers. Except, if you've played Gloomhaven, you might remember how the random draws from the enemy decks resulted in less-than-brilliant enemy behavior. Well, the city guards and archers, once you heal them and they become allies, use their own enemy decks, so, basically valiantly pew-pewed the enemy for a few points of damage, until they got killed. Or got themselves killed. Y'know, it's better to stay put than walk into a 4-damage trap when you only have 4 life points... 


For the city archers, I used the Wildspire Monster set's Kitty Pistoliers, and, for the imprisoned City Guards, I used that as an excuse to paint the Goblin Miners. I guess the plot, then, was less that monsters were infecting the city, than the Kitty Pistoliers ate a bad batch of fish, while the Goblin City Guard Sometimes Deadly Mushroom Picking Festival ran into a few problems.




Used the Mushroom Druids to proxy for the elite Toxic Imps. I suppose the mushroom spores are Infectious? 😄




After healing the archers, we ran out of the room to rescue the others. You archers are on you own.




Goblin Miner miniatures proxying the City Guards captured by the enemies. Very useful as NPC's, and, yes, the one we rescued mid-game also got himself killed.




Kitty Pistoliers. You can sort of see the balls of yarn they have on their back to sheath their swords!

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Posted (edited)

"Now, then. All we have to do to cure the infected town is to run across the meadow, pick up the barrels, crate, and wheelbarrow full of the antidote, and drop them into the fountain, all the while avoiding ambushes by corrupted water spirits, infectious oozes, nasty faeries, and the occasional dive-bombing drake. Oh, and rip out that strange looking bush with the strange pointy cones coming out of it."








Terrain bits by Archon. Elven Woods set (tree and tents), and stretch goals (fountain and stuff thrown in it!)



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These two lads joined the party to keep the average difficulty of the enemies down. 😄 You get more enemies in a larger party, of course. 😅


Crimson Scales miniatures. Showed off one of them as a preview in a previous post.


Voidseeker has a unique resource he can gain and spend by playing his character cards. However, if he stores too much of it, he can end his turn Muddled or even Wounded! As a melee character, he's trickier to play than the ranged attack characters. I like one of his cards that allows him to Move and Attack at the same time, as well as deliver a Wound as an attack, and even allow an adjacent ally to make two ranged Wound attacks!


Chainguard's Shackle ability allows you to select an adjacent enemy and do various things to it. He's another melee character, which means he's more difficult to play than the ranged characters. Pull off your Shackle-based combos and you can do anything from forcing an enemy to attack another enemy, to immobilizing an enemy and becoming Invisible to them, to allowing an ally to make an attack against an enemy, to swinging an enemy into a trap you set and smashing them against a wall!









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Here lies Voidseeker

Face in the grass

Cause of death

Pug bites in the *ss


Second run at completing a scenario in which you have to "activate" twelve summoning hexes, which result in enemies surrounding and attacking your party. A miscalculation took out a party member early, making the scenarios more difficult. Photo is of the last guy, Voidseeker, standing on the LAST hex needed to activate at the end of the round to win the scenario. If you're familiar with Gloomhaven (and can see the enemy cards), you can piece together this hero's valiant death. ☠️ Spoiler: the Rat King (Rending Drake) attacked him TWICE early in the round, then he fought back, making a break for the last hex. However, the two Hellpugs (Hounds) bit him to death before the end of the round. He did die (with a ton of those pug bites on his posterior) fulfilling his Personal Quest, so we looted his body and donated the money to the Oak Temple for his posthumous retirement. 💰



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