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Wildspire Miniatures & Gloomhaven: Crimson Scales Thread


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I usually run each scenario twice, the first to complete the scenario, and the second for a treasure run. The objective of this scenario was to destroy five supplies (eg. the barrel in the first room). Steampunk boy upgraded one of his ranged attacks, thanks to a successful performance on the improv stage (City Event), while the newbie Spirit Summoner (the one in a cloud of cotton) summoned a proxying pistolier cat to pew-pew the lurker mushroom man and the barrel. Additional miniatures are from the Wildspire Monsters set, available on Amazon. The walls are from the WizKids Full Height expansion. Although prepainted, there's only enough walls for a few of the Gloomhaven boards, and you have to stick them together with putty. 


Gloomhaven summoned creatures use nondescript summoning circles as summoned creatures. Boring! In the second picture, for the treasure run, you can sort of see the Summoned Murder Chicken (from another City Event) now attacking a helpless barrel. (Summoned creatures follow their own movement and attack rules in Gloomhaven.) Meanwhile, the Spirit Summoner got the treasure, then got exhausted the next turn by the impish Faerie on a Toad, and lurking Toad Druid. You can also sorta see the red shield Wall of Shadows and cyclone Ghost Carriage, cast by the Spirit Summoner. The carriage is great for moving your miniatures ahead, then pushing back enemies, as seen in the pic. These mini's are available in the Wildspire Spellblades and Companions miniatures set.







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Just starting this scenario, in which the party accidentally releases a bunch of demons and some Vermling Scouts who have been experimented upon. Whoopsie!


Opening pic shows a lot of enemies. Playing solo, so I get "perfect information" while the game goes up in difficulty (higher level monsters). The acrylic tokens (found a set of 1000 tokens, whose colors match that of the Crimson Scale hero player mats) and condition markers show plan out the first turn -- if things turn out right! As before, I'm using the Wildspire Monster set as proxies for the Gloomhaven monsters.


Skullboy (green tokens) will poison three enemies.

Neil deGrasse (yellow tokens) is going to make his enhanced ranged attack against three opponents, combined with an ability that adds negative conditions.

Chainguy (black tokens) will shackle the flying goblin shaman and smash him into a column.

Not sure if any enemies will actually be killed, though!




Skullboy can summon spirits. Spirits are similar to summons, except that you can control them, they can share a space with another figure, but they last only two rounds. Still seeing if that will work out with physical miniatures. Hooray for cotton.




Neil deGrasse and Chainguy as existing party members. I'm still annoyed that GH has all this art of heavily armored figures and the armor doesn't do anything.




Painted some catbois as Vermling Scouts. Some scout enemy cards have ranged attacks, so they were a good match.




WIP of a goblin shaman. The enemy he's based upon has flying, so I gave him a flight stand. He's also supposed to cast sun elements, so I'm going to put a smiley sticker on him as well. 😛




Night demon and Wind demon. Enemy abilities match the figures.




Wildspire Monsters doesn't have any ice-based monsters, so I'm using Mushroom Druids as generic spellcasters. For the earth demon, I'm using a forest elemental.




And, for the flame demon, I'm using a wyrmling. I'm using an OOP Secret Weapon Miniatures base to indicate this guy's elite status!




Good luck, heroes...!



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In this scenario, we had to break into a cultist's lair! The Wildspire Monster set's "Goblin Shamans" make perfectly fine cultists. With the toad-fairies, mushroom druids, and rat kings, I rethemed the scenario to a nature bent, keeping the enemy stats. David Bowie, the Starslinger, retired, and Neil deGrasse sat this one out, leaving the newbies to smash the cult! Mossboy joins the party. Room pic shows Mossboy altering the lower board with difficult terrain to keep the ratmen from moving, Skullboy's ghostly summons, and Ballista Boy's target in the adjacent hex, and some copper coins showing the range of the fairie-toad attacks. Last pic shows Skullboy's summoned spirit minions. Some of these mini's are new, some used in previous scenarios. 


EDIT: Second pic shows the endgame, where the boys are dogpiling on the last cultist (the goblin shaman on the cloud base being attacked by the Leprous Wrath, proxied by the ghost). We're going to make a treasure run next time! 💰💰💰





















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A second run on the Cultist Cave to retrieve the treasure! Skull Boy has had enough, fulfilling his Personal Quest to be Blessed fifteen times while attacking in a scenario. Harry Hierophanty joins the party, to recapture artifacts stolen by the cultists -- though whether or not he'll return them to the Oak Sanctuary may be a different matter!


The third cultist, proxied with a Goblin Shaman, falls to a Wound delivered by the Mirefoot, himself the last party member surviving the secont run at the Cultist's Cave scenario! Neil deGrasse, and Harry Hierophanty lay exhausted. The Living Corpse is proxied by a Mushroom Man, and a Living Shield from the Wildspire Companions set serves as a shielding obstacle the party obtained on the way to the cave. First pic is the Hierophant, before his premature not-quite-demise.





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Hmm... Fight the BBEG or go after the treasure and let someone else do it?


Decisions... Decisions... 🥯🥯🥯


Amber Aegis : Available as a .stl file from the Crimson Scales website. An advanced character, the Aegis has indirect attacks, primarily, at least at low levels, through stacking Retaliation. Retaliation allows a character to damage an enemy without making an Attack, thus useful against enemies with a high Shield, and avoiding Attacks against enemies with high Retaliation. Of course, as a major drawback, a character can only use Retaliation when the enemy Attacks first! Aegis has a high Health, to help offset damage. Aegis can also lay down Colonies. Colonies are permanent stacking abilities (eg. Retaliation 1, Heal 1, and Shield 1) that affect characters in an adjacent hex. (Heal 1 is particularly useful to remove Poison from everyone every turn!) Thus, Aegis is a good defensive character, as enemies come to the party. However, in this picture, all he's done is jump into a thorn bush so he could retrieve treasure... 💰


Demon : From Wildspire Miniature's "Monster" set. Used the demon as a proxy for the boss monster. Rebased onto cork as a lava base. He's about twice the height as a human figure, but we took his treasure, anyway!







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This scenario takes place at some docks, which the designers creatively used the T-shaped maps for. However, my tablecloth is boring bleach blonde, so I figured why not see what the board looks like with some Loke Battlemat foldout water maps. Yes, that purple bug and the guy with the pointy hat are the heroes.


Hero miniatures are available free as the Crimson Scales .stl files.

Lizardmen Miniatures are by Wildspire Miniatures, from the Monster Set, available retail.

Walls are WizKids's prepainted Village Set. Other terrain from Mantic.

Maps are from Loke Battlemat's "Box of Adventure: Coast of Dread". LB is currently running an RPG terrain book KS, with vinyl clings to customize your terrain. Take a look if you play RPG's!




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In this scenario, the world famous opera singer, Enrico Pallazo, sings, and it's up to your heroes to defeat him! No, wait. A BBEG has summoned a bunch of imps in a swamp, and it's up to your heroes to defeat him. The Crimson Scales scenarios typically add an interesting twist to the their scenarios, and, in this one, not only are you fighting a boss monster, but you can choose one of three sets of allies to defeat him! Each attempt was tense, as the BBEG could summon another imp minion for his action, initial attacks against him were only a few hit points, he wore down the heroes to only a few hit points, and it wasn't until the last round where the heroes did significant damage. Also, the allies are good enough to kill a few minions, but were laggards and often only did damage during the last round! One of the character's Personal Quest was to kill multiple imps, and this scenario had plenty of them. So I played it a few times, trying out the different ally options. 


Photos of the miniatures in the next post! 


Miniatures from the Wildspire Miniatures' Monster Set.

Tree terrain by Archon. KS coming on the 12th!




"Hey! It's Enrico Pallazo!"




Your singing sucks, Enrico Pallazo!




We want a refund, Enrico Pallazo!




Hey, can I get your autograph?

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First two miniatures are characters from Crimson Scales, available as free .stl's.

Rest are proxies from the Wildspire Miniatures' "Monster Set", available retail.

Posted the mini's earlier, but reposting here if you're lazy and don't want to look them up. 😛




George Kennedy... as Capt. Ed Hocken




O.J. Simpson... as Det. Nordberg




Tony Brafa... as Enrico Pallazzo




Usher - 'Mr. Pallazzo, Our Head Usher Will Be Here In Two Minutes To Take You Onto The Field.'





Spectator - 'It's Enrico Pallazzo!'


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Posted (edited)

Crimson Scales: Congratulations! You have unlocked the Orchid Chieftain!

Me: Oboy. Another mini to paint.

Crimson Scales: And she can Summon critters!

Me: Where do I find a pack lizard? Oh, wait. I have one.

Crimson Scales: And do you have an ostrich?

Me: I have a critter that runs fast... 😄


Orchid Chieftain: Her abilities center around summons, which she can use as mounts, so that means even more painting before she gets onto the board. Her Summons are animals, so I proxied from the Wildspire Miniature's "Heroes and Animals" set. The corgi (Scout Dog) and pack lizard (Pack Lizard) matched their Summoned counterparts. The red elk (painted as a generic herbivore) was a sort-of match for the Summon Bull. The rabbit and elephant had to make do for the ostrich and turtle summons. As for the "combat wombat", we picked him up at a Road Event as a wounded creature and he helped us in a fight in a beast-ridden scenario.


As for gameplay, the Chieftain's uniqueness is that she can Summon Mounts, mount them, the use the mount's movement to run around the board. Her Summons are Loss cards, which take up the upper half of an Action card. Her Summons are opportunity costs, and I found it difficult to play them when enemies were attacking! I ended up instead using her good selection of Attack 3 and Move 3+ cards for her to supplement another melee character. I really like how she has a flexible combo where you play an Attack 3 or Move 3 that generates Earth this turn, then consume it next turn to have a Target 2 ranged Poison attack, or an Attack 4 with Advantage! She doesn't have a Level 1/X Jump card, so may need Winged Shoes.


Scenario pics are of the Orchid Chieftain discovering the steampunk-ish engine room, the previous room overgrown with nasty plants, and the Ravager entering a room with proxied Living Corpses. Too bad Ravager become exhausted that turn. 😛 At least the Orchid Chieftain fulfilled her Personal Quest by finding the widget in the scenario earlier and has retired. Time for more painting for her replacement!



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Artificer joins the party after the Chieftan retires!


Artificer has a unique resource, Scrap, which he generates and consumes with certain character ability cards of his. The Hallowpact has a similar concept, with his Void Energy. Although accumulating too much Void Energy has negative effects, I prefer Hallowpact because he generates Void Energy faster, and has more powerful abilities using them. 


First picture has the Artificer with one of his summoned creatures. The construct is from the Wildspire Miniature's "Spellblades" set.

Second picture has the Artificer and Ruinmaw ending a scenario the hard way after too many oozes spawed. 😛


The creators of Crimson Scales will have a KS for their own Gloomhaven-alike game, ROVE in May!







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