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All Of Them VVitches: Arkus Harn and other Stonehaven Monster Hunters


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Now THIS is a goldang Witch Hunter! 30011, Arkus Harn, is a delightfully grim early modern monster hunter, perfect for the Cthulhu-in-the-1600s setting of ALL OF THEM VVITCHES.



That's the face of IMPLACABLE RIGHTEOUSNESS! You don't ever want to see that in real life. 




Bestriding some vanquished horror, sabre a-drip with its foul ichors.




A half-pint Solomon Kane. 




Here too is a Dwarf Vampire Hunter from Stonehaven. I love this sculpt, from the stake bandolier to the flowing hair to the warhammer to the rad hat.




Decided on a red scheme, partly to match Mira the Inquisitor from Bombshell (below) and partly for Carmen Sandiego reference.




There are eyes under that hat brim but it's not easy to photograph at the right angle.




A great sculpt, here to stab the forces of darkness.




Here too from Stonehaven is the Gremlin Stranger. Rather a highwayman sort of look, but this little goblin has the Puritan hat and half-cape; he's got to be part of the same outfit as the other monster hunters.




Look at that pepperbox pistol / handcannon!






And those sweet goggles!




No, this little gobbo is surely part of the witchfinding team:



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