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"Civillian" CAV Mechas?


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I was looking at this poster and was cracking up:




Then, I wondered... would that stuff happen?


Wouldn't huge CAV be created for specific civilian needs (kinda like the converted civilian mechs in MechWarrior Dark Age)?


I mean, a CAV would be an excellent platform for mobile contruction, repair, and even economical needs like mining, farming, or forestry. In a war, they could serve as CAV repair machines (or CAV contruction at CAV depots), or used to lift crates from convoys and such. Also, in-game, they could be used as desperate militia/conscript unit, or objective civilians that need protecting/killing.


What do you guys think? ::):

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There would also be CAVs for the combat engineer corps, and those would probably be converted from civilian designs simply to keep costs down.


How else are you going to lay anti-CAV mines? For one to be effective against a CAV, you're talking an explosive charge almost as big as a tank!

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Actually we have the start of mecha already, these links should give a good idea of what may be avalible in CAV.


A big wall paper of it.




And footage of it walking.




And the main page.




I found this over at Lords of the Battlefield.

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I actualy have a gaggle of the Clicky Mechs construction type units. It was my intention to rebase to a hex and come up with rules. I even had a scenario in mind for them. To possably repair a bridge if the invading army overloaded it and colapsed it.


But, like most things, they are sitting in a bag or a box or something waiting for me to get around to it, like most of my intentions.


Ho hum.

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I actualy have a gaggle of the Clicky Mechs construction type units. It was my intention to rebase to a hex and come up with rules.

Ditto. I actually dusted them off last night.


I plan on using a mix of construction,salvage,and command vehicles to support my frontline forces.

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They're out of production now, but do a search for Agents of Gaming's "Rebellion" minis. They have weapons sets that will work with MWDA "Industrials". As well, the Emancipator HERC is supposed to be a civilian mech with add-on weapons. (I have two of these and a couple "Imperial" HERCs.)

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And speaking of MWDA, are you blokes aware that in January, WizKidz will "retire" the Dark Age, Fire For Effect and Death From Above mini sets from tournament play (you could still use the pieces for pickup games, but not in "official" ones)? That means that packs on the market of these three sets will probably be given deep discounts by their sellers...probably by Christmas or year's end.


My rough guide for MWDA Mechs:

Protomechs (which have not been seen yet): 2 DTs

Industrial and Light Mechs: 3 DTs

Medium Mechs up to and including 60 Ton Heavies: 4 DTs

Heavy Mechs: 5 DTs

Assault Mechs: 6 DTs


I have a somewhat full conversion (for Mechs, at least) but it needs serious tweaking. Watch this space.

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Civilian CAVs are called Cybots. Its in the first JoR. Some of the first platforms were bulky and obsolete in comparison to CAVs, as Bellar Joint technolgy improves, the first true "CAVs" come into being. Its only reasonable to believe that the same joint architecture could be applied to non military models as well.


We have been using stats for a military version Cybot,a Special Operations Cybot (SOC) using Heavy Gear minis for the Cybot themselves. pretty nasty little boogers; on the civilian side, we ripped a few MWDA Koshi's from their bases and put them on some metal. currently being painted up, they will represent civilian mecha in our campaign.


I'm not into farm bots, constructibots, or mine bots, I figure there are mission specific robots that could handle these tasks far more effeciently. Hell, with nanotechnology, buildings could build themselves, microengineers eat away at uneeded rock to get at the minerals in a mine, small spiderlike robots can sow and harvest crops, don't really need the big heavy machinery to do this.

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I'm thinking of repainting/rebasing one of these Dark Age Agromechs, and making a civilian Cav out of it...






What do you think? Would that look good repainted, and fielded next to CAVs?


The thing that keeps me from converting them is... why? Why would a CAV army be using civillian CAVs? So far, I guess the army is desperate, and so is drafting/conscripting them for military purposes, but that sounds more appropriate for spefici scenarios, like a city under siege.

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