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"Civillian" CAV Mechas?


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The thing that keeps me from converting them is... why? Why would a CAV army be using civillian CAVs?

Hard to say. I don't plan on using any MODS just plain old Mechs with no weapons except maybe a machinegun for close in defense.


If your using them in an actual combat role things will probabley have turned quite bad or near desperate.


If your using them more in a support role say to salvage damaged CAVS, digging fieldworks,clearing terrain,etc... I can see all types of possiblities.

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How Tall are These Bad Boys??


I am seeing Psyro potential here...... ::D:

About an inch and three quarters to two inches. At least that's how tall my Miner and Forestry Mechs are. Bigger than a 1/144th scale Heavy Gear mini, but not as big as a MWDA Battlemech mini or a native CAV mini.


If I wanted Psyro's, I'd have gotten Cybrids from the aforementioned Rebellion line. Lemme Google some piccies of them.




An Adjucator Cybrid




A Seeker Cybrid




A Shepherd Cybrid




A Recluse Cybrid Tank with Spider Droidbombs

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