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Painting goals for November

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I didn't do that well last month. So this month I need to concentrate on painting miniatures in my annual box and getting caught up with Mithril minis

What are people planning on painting this month?


My goals for the month are:

  •  Paint a game token from Marvel United
  •  continue working on Mithril miniatures for the quarter
  •  Paint half the remaining figures from the annual box.
  •  Paint the last viking from the set I was given back in Spring
  •  Paint a terrain piece for Rangers of Shadow Deep





Hobby goals for 2023

     Painting one large terrain piece each quarter or several smaller pieces. The goal here is to complete enough, to use in a game or scenario [Check!]

     Painting the 17 miniatures in my annual box  [ 15 so far]

     Painting  one game token each month [ 11 so far ]

     Painting three Mithril miniatures each quarter. This works out to an average of one per month; but this way I can paint them in batches [ 9 so far]

     I also have the unusual goal of not buying any miniatures (for myself) in 2023. I have no idea how I will accomplish this. [Update: I went to Reapercon and bought a bunch of miniatures]

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I don't usually set monthly goals, but I just counted 49 different pieces on my painting desk that are in various stages of completion.  Some are just primed, some are awaiting finishing touches, and most are somewhere in between.  A bunch of them are scatter terrain pieces that are fairly simple to paint.  My goal will be to finish at least a third of those, rounded up to 17, by the end of the month.  Maybe, if I knock out all the terrain, I can manage to cut that number in half.  As part of the goal, I'm going to try my best not to start anything new.

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I did okay last month, didn't quite paint every day and didn't get as many figures done as the month before, but still more than I've done in a while. I managed a couple of ogre sized figures as well.


This month, I'm gonna try to keep painting every day - balancing it out with writing every day as I tackle NaNoWriMo again. I'd like to tackle some larger figures, maybe a dragon or two.

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I'm aiming to clear all the RCL slots again this month. 


So far I'm at 100% completion for 2023 - my pile of plastic is reducing at a rate faster than I'm acquiring for the first time in literally years. 


I only just squeaked by in October - so I guess my goal this month is to knock out a large chunk in the first half of November to avoid last minute late nights when the invariable life delays pop up. 

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I have no paint goals this month.  Elbow continues to be painful so I'm going to try and let it heal.  However....  I did sign up to do duo and large group RCL figures so I guess I have one goal for the month. 


Edit: I have a plan to label all my boxes of painted figures.  I even bought labels last month. 


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I need to take some pictures of Brigade Games hotel staff and of a drilling machine.
NON-NEGOTIABLE: paint that turkey-riding gnome guy from last November (Smigo and Gobbins?)


Beyond that, any progress is good. I just primed up a heap of Steampunks, mostly from Chronoscope. We'll see how that goes; fingers crossed! 

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No set goals this month - I'd figured I'd be benched on account of hand surgery, but my recovery is moving faster than I'd anticipated.  So I'm just painting whatever I blindly pick out of my "to do" pile.  So far I've painted:


24 Stirges (Ex-Center Stage Miniatures) - complete

15 Cultists (Reaper) - base painted

5 Gnomes (Reaper) - started base painting


More as I get to it.


The Egg

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Midmonth update: Smigo and Gobbins are 90% done! Now for the next 90%...

Still no photography done, but finished up a steampunk robot and a sinister-looking machine. Also need to take pictures of a Chronoscope bootlegger, a crocodile, and some beetle swarms. 

Several of the steampunks are nearing tabletop readiness.

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