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Grundor house butcher (pix!)


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Total turnaround time varies...


I can knock out a CAV digital file in 1 week of spare-time prototyping, or less.  Full-time, I can knock one out in a couple days.


From there, it's a matter of getting approval, getting the thing prototyped, lost-waxed into silver, clean-up of the silver, production masters, and production molds.  


In a beautifully perfect world, you could make an N-scale CAV in about a month or two, from electrons on a screen to painted pewter with a die sitting next to it.  A lot of things often get in the way, though, from 3D printer delays to lost-waxing delays to digital sculpting delays (uh...ignore that last one).  Inevitably, some one along the line drops the ball or shuffles their feet, creating delays.



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