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Jasper Marvels at some Zombies!

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I just received the rest of my stuff from the Marvel Zombie! Kickstarter, so I figured it was time to get started on the core box....that I received last year some time.....


I popped the box open, and had forgotten just how organized CMoN has become over the years with their boxes.







So in the core box version of the game (which is a variant of Zombicide) you play Zombie superheroes (the green ones in the above pics) against the humans.  A bit different from the original Zombicide.  You can play the heroes against the zombies in the X-Men Resistance core box, which is up on the shelf and I'll be getting to...someday.

Besides the zombie Supes, you get a bunch of named Bystanders (who are trying not to get eaten) and 3 types of SHIELD soldiers (Troopers, Guards and Specials) who are trying to stop you, as well as some still living Supes.


So my goal for the weekend is to get some of these primed  (haven't checked if there are any mold lines yet) as I have a bunch of priming to do this weekend for other games as well.

Then I'll probably start with some SHIELD grunts to get a paint scheme down and get used to how these paint before going on to the Zombies.


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Time to figure out a colour scheme for some Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (here after spelled with no periods, that is just annoying to type 🙂 ).


Things started off poorly....


You wouldn't think speed paints would clog, but apparently one of the balls can get stuck up in the tip if you are really unlucky........

Eventually I got things pretty much how I wanted.



Now to record all the paints so I don't forget and waste time trying to remember what I did.....like usual......

Suit:: AP Speedpaint Tyrian Navy

Straps, boots, gloves, etc: AP Matt White, then AP Speedpaint Holy White

Crests: Matt White and then AP Speedpaint Maize Yellow.  Main insets AP Speedpaint Grim Black.   AP Dark Tone on the small ones

Sticks, gun butt: S75 Black Metal and Heavy Metal, AP Dark Tone

Base: AP Speedpaint Ashen Stone, Runic Grey, Brownish Decay and Algae Green.  Rim is Pro Acryl Dark Neutral Grey.

And that's it.

Skin and hair will vary. Not doing eyes for the grunts, I don't think, so just some AP Strong Tone in there.



Anything that looks completely wrong? Better to know now before I get them all done 🙂






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6 hours ago, Humansquish said:

Paint all the eyes! It's good practice. 🤪

At the speed I paint and the number of these mooks I need to paint (6 more sets of these 9 figs) that not gonna happen.
It stops being "speed painting" when it goes from "30 minutes a fig" to "30 minutes a fig, + 2 hours to do the eyes"   😄

I'll save my bad attempts at eyes for when I get to the unique supes and bystanders.  There are so, so many of those.....


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Played my first game last night with my wife, and hoping to play at the FLGS on Thursday, so motivated to get back to these guys.


Switching the logos over to white/grey on the first guy.  And have gone over all the white bits on the other 4.

In the future I won't bother with a zenithal prime, since the boots and everything need to be brighter anyway.


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