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33 minutes ago, Great Khan Artist said:

How are these minis to paint? Ever since this kickstarter has hit retail, I've been interested in buying some. But they are priced deceptively cheap. Are they made of quality materials? Would you recommend buying them or do you regret doing so?


I found the resin to be a bit brittle, already broke some speartips and such.

You know I like to print minis a lot but TT Combat has used a more fragile resin I'm afraid, My Elegoo Grey is way stronger.


There are some pretty nice sculpts in this range though.

As for taking paint:

I wash them carefully with lukewarm water, then apply Reaper Brown Liner as a primer.

Works well.

I used Scale 75, Vallejo and Reaper paints on these and they took it well.


So, recommend or not?

Depends on the sculpt.

The bigger monsters or guys like this who have their weapons in a "safe" pose, yes buy.

Sculpts with long spears and such... be careful, they break easily.


I noticed on MMF that a triber now has these files.

So one can buy the files and print them for themselves in better quality resin.

That might be a better option.




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8 hours ago, Max Retainers said:

Those look great!



Much Appreciated!


7 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

The paint jobs make these guys blend well together...good job with that. Nice color choices, too (loving that turquoise). 


Thank you, the idea is to create a Unit of these guys so they need to have some sort of uniform.

Slow painter and lots of projects, so it will take a while.



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