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Kyra & Lavarath (#3000), and Ebonwrath (#77102) WIP


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Getting a lot closer to finished now.


Except that somehow, when I was painting the bony protrusions and claws, I splattered or smunched a bunch of claw colored paint all over the purple/black bits.


So I've got them repurpled, and I have to layer them up again. 


Belly needs some dark lining in some of the creases, and the bone bits and claws need to be finished. 20240114_144504.thumb.jpg.b2aa5078a0d8df7d7f7a5287bd81a28a.jpg20240114_144458.thumb.jpg.68885ff88829450ec902ec899346d90d.jpg20240114_144414.thumb.jpg.11fe7c9e1213129f79b9699c94091882.jpg20240114_144407.thumb.jpg.b248739ca461720df3dc9320a68d14cb.jpg


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I've got the skin, scales, eyes, and mouth done. I might go in and touch up the eyes, otherwise it's down to the horns, claws, and bony protrusions. I'm feeling I little uncertain what I want to do with them, right at the moment (suggestions are welcome).


20240118_151025.thumb.jpg.1d70655001e70101cca12218bed01f82.jpgI think the two big forward facing horns, and the spots on the legs, are pretty much done, so it's the claws and the bony/horn tips on the head and back. And under the cheeks. I'm leaning towards maybe leaving the bar color of the protrusions/tips their current menoth white base (anyone here remember p3 paints?), but add some lighter and darker texture to them.  




The claws I want to look like they've got a light portion and a quick, then add some striations from the tips, but I'm not sure if I should make the class tips lighter than they already are, or leave them as is, and if the striations should be darker or lighter. 



For now I think I'll give her a couple good clear coats, then let her sit awhile while I work on the door knocker.  I'll finish her when inspiration strikes. 

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