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Assorted old figs (Incl 02888, Trathus Varr)


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Here are some older figs I've painted.  I thought the wizard was a Reaper, but I couldn't find him in the figure finder. 


The purple dragon head was a dragon door knocker file I printed.  I'd done a couple bigger ones that looked like they were mounted on wood, then I cut off the ring for this one and decided to make it look like he was coming through a portal. 20231120_121220.thumb.jpg.8e085c777e44aba341e656b6ff8d6c67.jpg

Yoda was also 3D printed.  The rest were all bought at least two decades ago. 20231120_121203.thumb.jpg.aec34674fdc98f27c3745df486c2eacd.jpg





I'm especially proud of the water on this one. 


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More detail about the reaper fig
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5 hours ago, Grand Slam said:

I like the bluish chainmail on that 3rd mini great overall color scheme, too).


Also, you're right about that water effect, it came out pretty nice. Good color choices and blending.

Thank you!

2 hours ago, haldir said:

Pretty sure the chainmail fighter was sculpted by Jim Johnson, as it looks like his style. Wizard is definitely a Reaper.


Nice work on everything!

Thanks!  I have definitely started appreciating getting to know the styles of specific sculptors in the last few years. The figure was riding a hippogryph, and also came with a standing miniature of the same character carrying a spear and sword. 

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