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Setting Lore Thread (previously: What year is it in Adon?)


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16 hours ago, ReaperWolf said:

As for exotic "pets", intelligent creatures, no plans to provide extensive rules for "sidekicks". 5e did that and it made a mess of the game system with PC playing Pokemon collecting stone giants.

Semi-unrelated, but god that makes me think that, if you ever did that "Book O' Mini-Settings" idea I brought up in the other thread some time into the vague undefined long-term future, a monster-battling/"mons" setting where you have recruited creatures fight for you as the main mechanic (complete with rules for how to use existing monster stats in a Mons-type way that has some level of balance) would probably be a great one of those!


I mean, Trent Troop tried it for 3e ages ago and Bogleech's trying it now with their own system, so it's an idea probably worth keeping squirreled away for that far-future date! Tho probably taking more aesthetic influence from Dragon Quest Monsters, given that fits more with the whole "classic fantasy setting as a mons setting" thing.


...Tho yeah, that far-future-speculation aside, I will be looking into those hireling/henchman rules for the idea of designing potentially ally-able monsters around them. The flying-flapjacks will come to pass...

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On 1/1/2024 at 10:53 PM, Corsair said:

So you're saying that the rules WON"T be ready for my giant lizard riding, purple haired half orc samurai?


I am SO disappointed in you....

Your game chum! I encourage you to make DDRPG your own and if that means the above, go for it!!!


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