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Balloon LED lights + Cotton = Cheap lighting for your dungeon or city


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Smaller and cheaper than tea lights, though not reusable b/c the batteries are sealed in. You re-insert the plastic paper tab that separates the battery from the contact to turn the tiny LED "off".


Anyway, picked up 120 of them for under $10 on Black Friday from Amazon. The pure white LED alone is painful to the eyes, so you can use cotton to diffuse the light. 


Picture sucks, but you can see the effect. Works fine in daylight without the lights turned on.


Anyone have more uses for them? Show me your pics! 🙂


Miniatures from Wildspire Monster set and Gloomhaven: Crimson Scales game.

Rampage OpenLock dungeon tiles 3D print free from Printable Scenery.





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This is an ideal time for LED buying. I know in the scale model community, modelers pick em up for starship lighting & such. I'd love to try em, but I'm not very proficient when it comes to handling lighting electronics & such.


Nice effect.

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