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Nial ap Morai

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1 hour ago, Max Retainers said:

I have a buddy with a resin printer so I have some of the glaive wielding gnolls. These look really good though, but have you had any of their weapons or something snap on you? I found they were very prone to breaking. Those bases are also amazing.

Thanks!  The small or thin bits will snap.  Similar to what happens with the thin metals.  But I have a hard time getting them to stay glue without have a noticeable bulge/joint showing, without it it just snaps again.  I’m using them for a tabletop game so they will do without some of the broken bits and repairs. The thinker stuff is strudy.   They do a good job with the base with stone or bricks.  I add the flocking and some other stuff so the figures aren’t generic looking.  I do have to figure out how to take better pictures  or learn to paint better lol

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