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I find phones that have songs as ring tones extremely annoying. There was a guy used to work where I work had his phone set to the 'Friends' theme song. And he got about 20 calls a day. Just try living with that without going completely freakin' crazy.

You musy have really hated Thursday nights then ::P:

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Hmm, lets see, it's on vibrate at work and most of the time in public, but when it's not I have the following that I switch between:


Monty Python and the Holy Grail theme

Pinky and the Brain Theme

FF VII final music

Beck Loser

Beck Devil's Haircut

Radiohead Lucky

Verve Bitter Sweet Symphony

Beatles Eleanor Rigy

Star Wars Imperial March

and a few others I can't think of at the moment.

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That's a theme I would actually be willing to Download.



Pinky: But ah gee Brain, why a theme song?


Brain: You fool Pinky! I've embedded a subliminal message in the ring tone. I've also collected the phone numbers of every cell phone that it will be used on. I will then enlist the aid of telemarketers to call these cell phones daily, spreading the message of the ring tone to all that hear it. My plan is flawless. Within weeks, I shall rule the world!


Pinky: NARF!

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Up until yesterday, mine was "Hella Good" by No Doubt.

Now it's "This Is Halloween" from the Nightmare Before Christmas.


I only have it set to ring when I'm at home, because it's usually sitting on the table or couch.

Whenever I'm out, I have it set to vibrate, because I don't want to annoy others. (not that I get many calls ... but I still like to be polite just in case)

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Mine's usually on vibrate, but when the volume's on , it's set to a tone that came with it called 'To Home', which sounds like theme music from a 70's talk show or game show....it's funny in an annoying kinda way. I've got crappy tones on my phone, and I'm too cheap to download more. I rarely get calls on it anyway.

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I usually keep my cell on vibrate as I don't like loud rings either... but sometimes my phone isn't on my body (like at home) - so I made a Kraftwerks "Computerleibe" ringtone, as well as a few sounds from Tron as msg indicators (The bit saying "yes" and "No" and the MCP saying "End of Line")


I also made a ringtone of Enya's "Bard's Song" (Which I attached to my Mom's number when she calls) - "Always stay on the Bright Side of Life", the theme from The Young Ones, Joy Division's "Dead Souls" and "Love will tear us apart", the Cult's "She Sells Sanctuary" and the Cure's "A Forrest" (do we see a theme)


I don't really use any of them except for the Kraftwerks, sound files and Bard's Song.

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