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I haven't been able to find much groove lately, but there's no motivation like a deadline (Christmas) and I'll admit that I've been feeling a little guilty about doing all those merfolk for Strawbonnet #1 the other year and not yet having done anything for Strawcap.


Anyway, when each of the grandkids was born a "theme" animal was chosen for them.  Strawcap's is the lion, so the Avatar of Courage was a fitting choice.





I started my journey with some generic searches on lions, and a couple further searches on the Barbary Lion, just to get a little bit of a head start conceptually.


I pulled the Warm Light Browns triads (Tanned Leather, Amber Gold, and Golden Blonde) for the bulk of the body, and Warm Deep Browns (Muddy Brown, Earth Brown, and Leather Brown) plus some Pure Black for the mane and tuft on the tail.


The Bone Colors triad (Bone Shadow, Aged Bone, and Polished Bone) was used for the claws with some Pure White added on the teeth.


The Neutral Bone triad (Dirty Bone, Graveyard Bone, and Splintered Bone) served for the dried grass skirt and leg wraps.


The fabric on the loin cloth is done in two different sections: the Pure Blue triad (Sapphire Blue, True Blue, and Sky Blue) and Black Indigo followed up with Vivid Blue triad paints Ritterlich Blue and Brilliant Blue.  The blues were chosen to represent the darker and lighter blues used on the hydrocephalus awareness ribbon.  Strawcap was diagnosed before he was even born and for more than half his life has had more brain surgeries than birthdays.


Thanks for stopping by!

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