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Help! Miss Mew wants to be in a diorama/vignette

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I designed this mini of hero forge to test the least printable model I could come up with on my ender 3.20231208_074449.thumb.jpg.496c952680ef45d94e4b6f7162519878.jpg20231208_074437.thumb.jpg.e4cde7be7a8c1f9785dfefbeeaa8f5b1.jpg20231208_074502.thumb.jpg.465419ca2d14174098e1e4b2c58a9b9b.jpg

I added arrows that broke off a failed print to her base for fun. 

The only problem is, now that I've got the stl file, and know that my printer can print it, I want to do something fun with her.


I have a few ideas:

Her next to a tree/post/wall with a "wanted, dead or alive" poster on it...

Her pursued by a flock of angel archers

Her being chased or of a forest by warhawk/giant eagle riding archers.

Her being fired at by a family near their home on a hill.

Her being fired at by guards on a city/ fort/ castle wall. 


The angle of the arrows on the base means the archers need to be either farther away than not, or elevated compared to her.  


Do yave any thoughts, suggestions, or preferences?


I can print multiple copies of Miss Mew, (note a set name, more of a place holder), so I could do multiple vignettes or dioramas.  When I find one I really like, I'm tempted to get her printed in resin then do it up for reaper con. 


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2 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Maybe a mouse doctor removing an arrow from her paw?

That would require making a new mini (but it would be hilarious, so I want to make that one happen, too, thank you for that suggestion).  Mostly I'm looking for ways to use this particular model/pose.

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