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Since the tabletop RPG's seemingly finally gonna be dragging its way out of development hell, I gotta ask, any of y'all into Mortasheen?


For those who don't know, it's a worldbuilding project by Johnathan Wojcic of Bogleech, one of the last great old-school-type webmasters on the net who's site is dedicated to all things monster-y, and he's spent literal decades building up a bestiary for it, with an upcoming TTRPG that (ideally) drops this month!


As a setting, it's basically a monster-battling series like Pokemon or Digimon or Telefang but with a grimy horror/biopunk atmosphere, set in a bizarre chaotic continent-sized city of mutants and monsters filled with mad-scientist posthumans who solve most things through monster fights.


The main "gag" is that it looks like a grimdark grotesque bio-horror setting like Warhammer 40K or Phyrexia or Dorohedoro, but the tone is lighthearted existentialism with quirky characters, like Hitchikers' Guide to the Galaxy, Discworld, or Dorohedoro. For example, the setting's equivalent to Pikachu is a chainsaw monster who uses its chainsaw to solve everything (including rhetorical questions and riddles) and has a deep ingrained fear of cats


So, anyone a fan of it already? Does my basic pitch intrigue anyone who didn't know about beforehand? Anyone wanna chat about it?

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