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Smigo and Gobbins (30108), belated Thanksgiving post


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"Tho' the Beafts of this New VVorld be Straunge and Ungainly, as the Porpentine and the grisly great Bear, yet Smigo has proven moft capable in subduing them.




"It is vvhifpered that his mother was a Cunning-vvoman and used Divelish Artes to have maftery over the Beafts of the Field, yet it feems that Smigo uses no more than hif God-given VVits and Natural Philosophie to tame them.




"The birds found here are of moft enormous Size, vvith naked Heads vvattl'd and Carunculated like a Vulture's, yet in appeearance more like a monftrous Fowl.




"They bear a tail-fan like the Pea-Cock of the Indies, yet not so Sumptuous in color or Pattern, but rather ticked and mottled in Brovvn, Rust, and VVhite. 




"The autochthons of this Land, vvith vvhom an Interpreter hath Convers'd, report that thefe Birds are priz'd for their Tail-Feathers, vvhich provide Adornment; and also their Flesh, vvhich is good to eat, and of a Quantity that much may be preserv'd for the time of Hunger. 



"In this as in other Matters, the Indigenes may be trufted, for the Fowl is pleafant and hearty fare when roafted; much Improved with herbs and Salt"




What a fun sculpt! This little guy is very expressive. I am afraid that in the year between acquisition and painting I dropped it a couple of times, which is why Smigo's blunderbuss has been replaced with an eyelet. (Had to glue the turkey's legs back on once or twice, but that doesn't show as much.)

We've seen the Puritans before ( here ) and the Native Americans are Reaper's Raven (59002) and Shaman (59010).


I finally got a camera to replace the one that died in November, so this is late, but better than never! Hope you all enjoyed the previous feast of plenty and will enjoy the upcoming holidays!


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Thanks, everyone! It's good to be back.

On 12/17/2023 at 8:00 PM, Grand Slam said:

Great-looking mini...that turkey is spot-on! I especially like the bluish tint on the head and the amazing tail feathers.

On 12/18/2023 at 4:39 AM, Dr Boom said:

The patterns on that turkey tail are perfect

I appreciate it! Looked through a lot of reference photos to get those wattles and tailfeathers right.

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