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Airstream-ish Trailer from the Chronoscope Box, with Moonshiners (pic-heavy)


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Thank you everyone for the kind words! This is a beautiful sculpt and a delight to paint. 

14 hours ago, Iridil said:

Love this setting! Love the RV! Just when I think you won't come up with a really different setting.... you do another one!

Thanks! I feel it works for a bunch of games, from Kids on Bikes to Call of Cthulhu. 


On 12/18/2023 at 4:18 AM, Glitterwolf said:

Awesome paintjob on the trailer!

Great setting!

On 12/18/2023 at 4:31 AM, Dr Boom said:

Great little vignette. The rust looks just right and the choice of colours for the stripes puts it right in the 70s.

On 12/19/2023 at 8:30 AM, Grand Slam said:

I love it....it's got a great 70's vibe, like Dr Boom mentioned. The windows came out really great. Crisp work on the stripes, too. 

Much obliged! The tape did a lot of the work for me--I should use it more often. 
You KNOW it's wall-to-wall 'wood' paneling and avocado green linoleum in there...

On 12/18/2023 at 4:36 PM, Inarah said:

Right purty. 🙂

On 12/18/2023 at 6:54 PM, Chaoswolf said:

That trailer has definitely had a rough life!

Good work on the 'shiners and their beat up home.

It's treated the occupants well enough, and obviously kept the 'shiners alive through some pretty grim situations! The windows are such a good detail on the sculpt. I should have painted some duct tape holding the pieces together, in retrospect...


On 12/18/2023 at 4:08 PM, Brother Jim said:

Nice !!!!

Have you considered Bobby Jo, Redneck Princess SKU 50200 for your Moonshiners??

 Oh wow...she'd be perfect! I don't know how this Chronoscope gal has flown under my radar before, but thank you! 

On 12/18/2023 at 6:04 AM, Samedi said:

Feels like the beginning of a horror movie.


Somehow I want to exchange the outhouse with the Nolzur's Mimic Version of an outhouse... 😁

Oh for sure, if you can't hear the banjos playing I have Failed.
That outhouse is, in point of fact, the mimic! Just with the tongue adjusted so the door closes. It's already got its own post. 

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