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37th SturmFuehrer Mecha Infantry Squad

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I never really knew the Sturmfuehrers ( or Sturmfuhrers, how the hell do you guys type those two dots up there??? :huh: ) were nazi, or even real! I chose the name to represent my old MechWarrior lance (Thunder Lords), so I chose "Sturm" for "Storm Lords", with lords being "fuehrers". ^_^


Anyhow "Storm Lords", and "Sturmfuehrers" sounds cool! ^_^


As for Whermach, I have no clue how to spell it. Just came up with that when formating the pics. In fact, I looked in at least three online dictionary, and there's three different spelling! :blink:


You know what would be cool for a Centipede APC?


A mini-German "SdKF2" Halftrack! :lol:



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I love the 251 halftracks. I'm doing a bunch of them up in 10mm for the WWII campaigns we play - we have a ton of german, british and russian stuff. :) Anyways, check out minifigs for some really decent 10mm stuff. Tom is also comming out with some modern day 10mm stuff too, so you can probably get away with some other AFVs and APCs too for the infantry,


Sturmfuehrer was a rank held in the SA, as I said. The equivilant in the SS (schutzstaffel - or hitler's own personal bodyguard it means roughtly "Protection team") is UnterSturmfuehrer. The Sturm Abteilung were Hitler's private army who later came under the leadership of Himmler. Both of these groups were fiercly indoctrinated and loyal to the Nazi idiology. The Wehrmacht (means "armed forces" - literally traslated as "means of resistance" or ) were the german army at the time, which due to the treaty of Versilles weren't able to grow past 100,000 men, but under Hitler after the SA was created grew to nearly 3 million men. (with 12.5 million germans serving in the armed forces during WWII, and 3.5 mil of them killed)


Wehrmacht is the correct spelling. Up untill 1935 when the army began conscripting troops it was refered to as the Reichswehr (National defence). Today the german army is refered to as the Bundeswehr.


Some people may be sensitive to what you call your troops however because of the close attachment to the Nazi party, although you say you didn't really know they existed - although now if people get upset, at lease you have some idea why. (and it's kinda weird to have an army called roughly the 2'nd Lt.s)


Maybe a better name would have been "Donnerkönige" which translated literally as "Thunder Kings"


Also - there is a cetipede APC model existing:



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Maybe a better name would have been "Donnerkönige" which translated literally as "Thunder Kings"

Nah, I don't think I would name my army something I can't even pronouce! :poke:


I'll just stick with "Sturmfuehrers". Nothing nazi-affiliated, but it just sounds like a cool name for a Ritterlich Brigade. Anyhow, I hope no one gets offended or anything.


Thanks anyway for the information, though. ::):


BTW- I had always though Whermacht meant "War Machine".

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I wonder what the "Lederhosen" AFV would look like.

A pair of shorts? ::D:


Anyway, thanks for all the information. I'm sticking with "Sturmfuehrer" for now, unless I find a better name (which i probably will in the future). ^_^




Thanks anyway! ::):

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