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Velrock: Heroes of Fortune (3D Printable Frontier)

Lidless Eye

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"I started working on these characters as a side project because I wanted a simple design for an RPG character, with a cool helmet and a rugged outfit. I know that my followers enjoy my masked miniatures so I thought I would make a themed set of heroes. Backers of the Heroes of Fortune will receive 20 miniatures set at 32mm scale to fit on 25mm bases. Each character will have a male and female body type, as well as additional poses for different weapons. The lineup before any stretch goals are added is as follows: 4 Knights, 4 Outlanders, 4 Deadeyes, 4 Scoundrels, and 4 Mages, for a total of 10 male and 10 female miniatures.

Stretch goals for this project will include two new archetypes, the Swashbuckler and Gunslinger for a total of 8 more miniatures that are included in all tiers! Beyond the new human miniatures, I will be making a set of 10 miniatures (5 male and 5 female) of different races of the initial 5 archetypes.

If you would like extra miniatures and a 10% discount on Heroes of Fortune, you can join my Tribe and check my posts!"


"Like all of my miniatures, there will be tons of separate meshes on each model for you to remove, or add to another character! Meshes such as the armor, helmets, backpacks, hair, accessories, and weapons can be swapped out with little effort using 3D programs such as Meshmixer or Blender. I am including a tier that gives access to dozens of individual files of armor pieces, accessories, and weapons, so that the kitbashers among you can have an easier time adding these pieces to your miniatures!"


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