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Felix Trinidad!!!!!


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This was one I would have loved to have seen, but all I know is, Tito is BACK with a vengeance. around 1:00 Sunday morning, we heard a loud shout, cheering and for the next 4 hours, happy Puerto Rican paraded throughout the City chanting "Tito! Tito! Tito!" Police vehicles stopped at certain interesections, and the impromptu parade of Puerto Rican Pride took place.


We didn't have it in our budget this time to catch that fight, but it must have been a firecracker. Though I was expecting Trinidad to win by KO, Ricardo Mayorga is explosive in the ring; my guess was at least 3 rounds, but it turned out to go on for 8 rounds.


For fight fans, this means, perhaps a rematch between Felix Trinidad and Bernard Hopkins (Pound for pound, one of the top three best fighters). or even Antonio Tarver (after his impressive knock out of the great Roy Jones JR). Could even be Glenn Johnson, who knocked Roy Jones JR out in the 8th round, 4 months after Jones lost to Tarver.


Roy Jones JR and Oscar De La Hoya need to retire (though De La Hoya probably has a few good ones left in him, Jones looked horrible against Johnson).

Trinidad is back with a vengeance, and perhaps this was stepping stone to get into the contention of a rematch with Bernard Hopkins. (Hopkins won, and shortly Trinidad went into retirement).


Back with a vengeance! and Trinidad got the heart of Puerto Rico with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Trinidad vrs Hopkins 2


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I'm a fan but it's sad that one of the only sports I do like will cost me 20 to 50 dollars or more just to watch it on tv.


I'm also tired of watching fights on espn type channels that are a couple of years old. I know they mainly do this with the Karate events and I haven't even bothered to watch the boxing for that reason

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I used to be a big fan of boxing growing up. My uncle fought and started up a gym in his hometown when he was in his 30's. My dad was a huge fight fan. I stopped watching when everything went PPV and you never got to see a title fight without coughing up 50 bucks for it. I also became very disappointed in the heavy weight division, too much question of legitimacy and not nearly enough decent fighters out there, or at least not enough decent fighters still in their prime. Granted I always loved watching the smaller guys box, but they never got much airtime unless it was an undercard of a crappy heavyweight bout, and again, 50 bucks to watch. I haven't watched too much other than an odd night every now and then for about 10 + years. I used to watch fights almost every weekend with my dad growing up though. I could barely name some of the current fighters of note.

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I can certainly understand that. I was disenchanted with Boxing for nearly 10 Years or so, after watching a fight in the welterwieght division. It was the up and coming Oba Carr versus the ole veteran Livingstone Bramble. Carr had just sign on with Don King and was looking to make a name for himself.


Well, to make a long story short, for 10 rounds Bramble dominated the young upstart, knocking him down twice in the 1 and thrid round. He only had trouble with the 7th round, otherwise he dominated the fight.


Basically the judges were scoring on how well Carr's head and body took Bramble's shots. The Lederman Card had Bramble waaaaaaaaaaay ahead, and even the announcers were saying, the only way Carr could win is by TKO, which wasn't gonna happen cause he looked sloppy against Bramble.


Bramble had a much higher hit percentage, threw more punches. there was nothing there that could say he didn't dominate the match, but yet it went to decision and the judges gave the fight to Carr. The judges obviously were watching a different match, Bramble retired in shock.


The WORST THING that happened to the sport is Don King; and he's the reason you have $50.00 Pay per Views. Especially with Mike Tyson, who was an excellent technical fighter with Cus Dmato, but hooked up with King, and basically became a Cash Cow.


Look at Tyson now, he's crap; and the guys his promotion group had him ducking for years, were the same guys he had to fight if he had any chance of a return to the sport. Reality bit him, and of course Tyson bit back. He was outclassed by Evander Holyfield and Lennox Lewis.


Yeah Don King promoted the Trinidad-Mayorga fight, now lets see if he's ready to let Hopkins give Trinidad that rematch Hopkins promised. It was a good gamble on Trinidad's part, cause now, Hopkins has to respond. nobody else in the welterwieght division left that Trinidad hasn't already beaten; and Hopkins is the only one that beat Trinidad.


Of course a Trinidad De La Hoya rematch might be a good money maker, but if Trinidad beats him again, theres no one left but Hopkins.


Nope, Vernon Forrest (who destroyed Shane Mosley) was destroyed by Mayorga twice; and Trinidad has already destroyed Mosley (who pound for pound is one of the top three boxers in the sport, heh) This political posturing by Trinidad got me really excited about the sport; He played his cards right, perhaps beating the promoters and politicans at their own game....

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