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New Greens


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nice, go away for a day & BAM!!! new greens!!



love them all (but then I'm a repearfan boy I think :upside: )


really like the exalted one (been liking that line lately) & the WK vamp the best I think.


Randy M

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I may be in the minority here, but the latest greens have not been doing much for me. The sculpts are well done but the designs are just not really exciting to me.

I could usually say that I like at least 1 green. The last set none of them really pulled me. This one there's at least one, and I could see myself buying a few others.


Admittedly, when I look at greens I look at them and ask myself "how well does this fit into D&D?" If the answer is "not very well" I'm less enthusiastic...



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Why did you guys change the bases for the Exalted figures? I liked the stone floor ones that most of the others are on.

Maybe Reaper's hate mail dipped and they were hoping to pick up the slack by changing bases?!? And Bobby of all people to not use a circular base ... I'm going to wait a whole week until it comes out ro buy it just to protest. ;)


Great mini, how are those elemental suits coming along? :devil:



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