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three gaming figures (02582 elf queen, 14339 female barbarian, 02937 elf wizard) - various sculptors, paint D. Schubert


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What do you do with the figures you paint for friends PCs?
I get a lot of joy in just painting good representations for the game, but 
When the campaign ends, or they have to leave, I try and send their figures with players. 
but they are a lot less well painted,  only two did I spend more than 4 hours on, and mostly bones plastic. 


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Thanks, folks!


Yes, I'm particularly happy with how the flame freehand fit into the spaces on the wizard's robe that aren't covered with the sculpted embroidery.


@Evilhalfling Glad to hear that your players get to benefit from your talent and generosity!  These three figures are all in the hands of their players (a married couple and their young son, as it turns out).  The last few campaigns I've been in, all the players brought their own minis, painted by them or bought prepainted -- for example, this (link) was my figure from my last in-person campaign (2018-2019), and this (link2) was an NPC cohort/henchman from that campaign.  But I still have the minis of the 5 characters from the Dragonlance campaign that I ran in 9th-10th grade, when I was just learning how to paint eyes as more than a colored dot!  That was AD&D 1st or 2nd edition, so minis weren't integral to our game-play, but it was still fun to see the party in mini form.



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