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My tabletop goblin needed a flight stand so I DIY'ed a flight stand

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This probably only works for gaming, but the LITKO, acrylic dowels, and other flight stands looked too "futuristic" for me (plus I'm cheap and didn't want to pay for shipping!), so I kit-bashed together a generic fantasy spellcaster flight stand for my generic fantasy spellcasters. Basically, it's a base with a die (you can also get clear plastic cubes) then another base on top. The base on top is painted white and vitamin-pill cotton glued to the edges. If you're still painting the miniature itself, you can paint its base white. 


You can see the stands on the upper left, "clouds" on the upper right, WIP mini's on the lower left, and mini on the flying cloud on the lower right!

Need to finish the mini's and repaint their bases white.


Miniatures are from the Wildspire Monsters set, available retail.



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Litko does make some nice stuff, but yah shipping anymore can really dull the excitement for a piece. I think when I bought stuff of theirs it was on other people's website like Noble Knight or Miniature Market. I think the only thing I got directly from them was some bulk mdf bases. Those now I just get from a couple of dealer on Bay of E.


Excellent substitution. What are the cubes?

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The cubes are clear plastic cubes I bought from TAP plastics 30 years ago 🙂 and finally found a use for!


Amazon sells clear cubes, although, for this DIY, I think any small dice will work.

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