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Starter mini?


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If you are looking for some smaller ones to work with that have some details, but are not too difficult, let me know. I have a bunch of old Mage Knight figs, and old some old plastc figs that can help ya out. I will send you a few if you like.



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Well something with small amounts of detail?


If you are practicing fleshtones I would pick any of the succubi Reaper offers.


Nehanda has detail but not a lot of it, and again you can practice fleshtones.


Dragons are good for practice also.

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At the risk of getting lynched, I'll say that Spyglass minis are great for this. There's not alot of detail, so you don't have to worry too much about that. But they are also great because there's plenty of room for freehand. :-)


And they are some really nice sculpts to boot. ::D:

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personally, I think a good starter mini would depend on what you wanted to start with.


I'd recommend different minis based on your starting preferences.


Face and Eyes, I'll suggest Jim Johnson's Anhurians also called Men At Arms, the army pack fellows (selection of them here...). The uniformity of the faces make great practice.


Fur, I'd recommend the latest werewolf, werebear, or the two dwarf riding bears (2385 and 2294)


Flesh, I prefer Dennis Mize's barbarian women for the simple fact there is a lot of flesh to work with.


Armor, pick a knight, almost any knight, (2025, 2026, 2033, 2036, 2047, 2052, 2074, 2200).


Cloth, thinking robes and capes, try the Wraiths (found using the incorporeal race in the fig finder) or look for some in the Army Packs.


so a few suggestions I've given others when asked. I like to be frugal, especially on a learning piece, I try to maximize my metal purchases while minimizing my expenditures. The older Reapers tend to fit that plan.


YMMV, have fun painting,

cher ^_^

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Yuppers, Cheryl, exactly why I like to have a variety of stuff in the P&T box. Like you, some of the older stuff (especially DHL packs, discontinued or current) give a lot of bang for the buck.


Do you normally use white or black primer?


Reminds me - I need to prime some minis for this coming weekend.

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