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After finishing the Tribes of the Vale from Battle of Westeros I decided to find a small project before I jump into my next big one. Coming across the Reaper dice figures again I thought it was time I finally finished the set. Awhile ago I painted up the D20 but quickly realized I wasn't skilled enough to give it a proper paint job. So the rest went into deep storage and were nearly forgotten about. Now that I have a few more years of painting experience under my belt and I'm in need of a smaller project I think its time to finish this old one. 


Funny as it may be I decided upon the paint scheme for these guys immediately and it has never changed (even though this project has been waiting for years). When I saw these figures I knew I needed to paint them up in the same colors as my first set of dice from the D&D starter set I bought in my youth.   



Finding the appropriate colors wasn't too bad either.



With a plan in place I got to work. Starting off I base coated every die in their chosen color. This helped me get back into the swing of painting after a bit of a break and even gave me something to do while some of the lighter colors dried between coats. Once they were all base coated I started focusing on the D12. I didn't plan to do more than basecoats on the rest of the model but I really got into the groove. I really need to stop taking these long breaks it really messes with my perception of how long a project will take.20240120_223048.thumb.jpg.89165cbf4ef830b518fee3e0103dceb8.jpg20240120_223055.thumb.jpg.361ca51ac0dc44f6317b4fa3a8072e51.jpg


As you can see I got quite a bit further than I had planned. Though it was looking pretty good by this point I went ahead and dirtied it up which may have been a mistake. 20240120_230000.thumb.jpg.7dabd9e65ccbd6c1d4aa618f594cf5bc.jpg20240120_230012.thumb.jpg.81326032f835ca46f96320648d2e5a35.jpg 

I'll be looking at this one next time and deciding if I want to go back to its more clean look. Right now I'm pretty sure I'm going to repaint this.


As I waited for certain parts to dry on the D12 I also started working on some of the D10's details. 


Hopefully by the end of this project we'll be able to see if my painting has improved since I painted the D20 all those years ago. 

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Very cool project! I like that concept of painting your fist set of dice, it gives the minis some history and personality.

And yeah, I think I'd go for the cleaner look. I mean, those guys do the greatest part of their adventuring on the table, and only rarely visit the dirtier places like the floor or the caves beneath the cupboard. 😁

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After a couple of hard days where I didn't have it in me to paint I'm back at it. I started the session by going back and repainting the D12. Turns out the cleaner look is much better.20240123_214653.thumb.jpg.af1f113e9a814e043c8977fe43fdc09c.jpg20240123_214701.thumb.jpg.5515b12375149e31feb3eb02e6354992.jpg


With that out of the way I started to really focus on the D10. As I'd already basecoated most of it, it didn't take to long to reach a "finished" stage. Like the D12 I think I'll leave the actual die pristine while adding some wash to everything else. 



The D8 received a cursory basecoat tonight, but it was pretty sloppy and will need a lot of cleanup next session. 


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I'm finally back to hopefully finish these miniatures. They have been sitting on the desk for way too long.


First up was the D10 which received a bit of cleanup and a wash on everything except the die itself. The D8 got plenty of attention tonight and it also made it to the wash stage. 



Next up was the D6 and D4. The D6 nearly made it to the wash stage while the D4 only received it's white basecoats. 



Not a ton of progress tonight, but it did feel great to hold a brush again. 

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A fairly simple and straightforward update tonight. Again as we've seen countless times before a project that languished on my desk during a hobby break was nearly complete.20240323_223704.thumb.jpg.b60f22986e0f91ee91fc6c41ab063b60.jpg

Everything is painted and washed so I'll be able to seal these tomorrow. We'll see if I'll also be able to take and post their final pictures.

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This project is finished. Everything is sealed and final pictures are taken. 





And for good measure the whole group together including the D20 I painted so long ago. 



I even grabbed a picture of them with the dice that inspired their color scheme.



These were a lot of fun to paint. I have no idea what I'll actually use them for but I'm glad I took the time to finally finish the whole set. 

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3 hours ago, haldir said:

I was gonna say the color scheme resembled a starter set of rpg dice.

Exactly, the dice pictured are actually my first set of dice that I believe came out of the 3.5 starter set.

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