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Sandra Garrity


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Of my 250+ reaper minis (*sigh* I'm an addict),


~28% are Garrity.

~12% are Seins.

~10% are Klocke.

~9% are Wiebe.


I find a *lot* of Klocke poses to be TOO dynamic. While they're neat, they're not representative of an "all-purpose mini for use" type figure. It's cool to have your two-handed weapon stretched out behind you, but it's not all that practical. It's cool to be poised as if jumping off a roof, but again, situational, it's cool (sexy?) to stand on one foot, but not very good for fighting in full platemail... You get the drift.


^_^ ;;

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Personally Garrity is my least favorite sculptor that reaper employs.


I think her big guys (giant sized) are horribly static and goofy looking, and her normal sized minis are incredibly boring. While my collection of Reaper minis is rather small (about 100) none are SG sculpts, and quite frankly, after reviewing 27 pages of her minis right now on the reaper site, I couldn't find any that I actually wanted to have.


Doesn't reflect on her skill, which is high, but on my taste. I like the "heroic" look to miniatures and find hers reflect more the "young squire" look. That and I prefer the dark side, wheras she does mainly knights and elves.


Just an alternate opinion.

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