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Hey all, thought it would be fun to hear what everybody is currently working or what's coming up on there list of things to do...  CAV folks are welcome to chime in too!


I'll kick it off;


1. Working on three Warlord minis right now, Kyla the Bounty Hunter (#14025), Shad, Male Thief (#14021), and Sigurd, Viking Warrior (#14023).  Making progress on them, slow but steady.  


2. Next I plan on painting the Dire Wolves (#2415).


3. Also, one of the "Boris the Barbarian" models from Heresy.


4. And lastly I am in the planning stages for a Stern Kestrelmann (#2338) conversion.  I will be trying to add longer hair to the model, replacing the sword, and removing the model from it's base and then re-basing it on a Warlord base or maybe a large round base along with one of the Dire Wolf models (Stern's dog Hammer!). It should be really cool.



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More minis than I canshake a 10' pole at!  :D  I am bad! I couldn't resist!

 Alright. A battling Bronze dragon, who is NOT bonze, needs detail work done, new base finished and treasure added. Two flying Wyverns, Some Reaper Viking warrior, two grizzly bears, one small resin model horse (about 2' tall), Crouching assasin for PC, four fllying CAVs for friend, a white wolf,and a lot of primed mini and some more small horses, umm too much stuff in other words. I have a 4' long kitchen table set up in the basement for working on, so I ten to cluter it up. And that only MY part of the table. My friend has about a dozen peices on his part of the table he is working on!

Lady tam

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I can't see the table beneath the piles of primed minis and paint pots.  I've got about a dozen or so half started (or finished, depending on how you look at it) henchmen type figures.  (I've been trying to boost the cannon fodder count as oppossed to actual character-detail minis the last year or so.


I do have the box set of GW Moria plasitc goblins on the block, a dozen of the WotC minis, another dozen Reaper figs (Fenris the Pale jumps out as one of the half started/done).  I also have an 8'x8' table of Mordheim ruins that are in various stages of construction/painting.


All in all, I've got alot of projects on the go!


I better get cracking I think...

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Lots of minis unprimed and unpainted. Some not even put together year.


Several primed and in the stage of being painted but only half finished.


Mostly I haven't been working on any for a few weeks since I've been busy and/or exhausted.

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This is cool.  Thanks for sharing...  It's always interesting to see what others are working on...  Usually, if I get stuck on a model, it leaves my work bench and enters the "Vault of the Unfinished" where it may sit for a while before being brought back out...  


BTW-  Cool New Avatar Morgramen!



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Ditto Morgramen!  Hard to find fault with someone who has Lord Soth as an avatar!  :cool:


A pile of Reaper figures


Bunch of 20 year old Grenadier figures I was lucky enough to find. It's funny though they're tiny compared to the new stuff, they look like gnomes, kender, halflings etc (Wow my new kender paladin maybe?) the detailing is still awesome.


Load of GW figures, both Warhammer (being used for D&D) and LotR line.


Mithril LotR figures


WotC Chainmail (purchased at half price!)


Varoius other odd ball figures


A US Army Second World War M-26 General Pershing medium tank and M-18 Hellcat tank destroyer  ???


And a nice layer of dust on half of that  :(


BTW Stern how's the Boris? I saw the 'Job's a good 'un' Boris (large barbarian in a loincloth with his right foot on an orc head giving the 'thumb's up' sign) and thought it rocked but haven't bought it yet.

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BTW Stern how's the Boris? I saw the 'Job's a good 'un' Boris (large barbarian in a loincloth with his right foot on an orc head giving the 'thumb's up' sign) and thought it rocked but haven't bought it yet.


Hey Traps, Long version: I got him cleaned and pinned him.  It's the first Boris model, the one where he's just standing up right.  He's nice, a little smaller than I thought it would be, BUT very nice detail.  Plus, the whole line appears to have a lot of potential for conversions (at least the Boris models).  


Overall, I not disappointed.  I'm gonna paint him up within the next couple of weeks and see how he turns out before I order any more.  There are about 4-5 different Boris poses, with a lot of multi-weapon and head variations.  


Short version:  He's pretty cool.


I'll post him here when I'm done.



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i really liked the "dynamic anime running style" borris.



I've got about 20 or so minis in construction/painting and 30 paint colours i'm using at the moment, and a pile of dice, a nutcracker, some tiny crossbows, chainmail cards showing how to paint fur (from the hyenas) loads of old plastic 10mm historic scottish minis, a lamp, a toothbrush, shredded green styroe foam, tweezers, a calculater, a BIG file a box of 25mm slot-a-bases, and schishcabob skewers for mixing paints.

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Currently I have no minis per se at my work area that I'm working on as I just finished a large number and am in the process of shipping them off to Canada for X-mas as my BF's X-mas gift.


The next project is the other part of his X-mas gift which I will probably be sending after the new year, and that is a somewhat functioning to scale castle with scenery.   :D

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Well, fortunately, There's no room on my desk for all my primed/incomplete minis.  There's a whole slew of shelves fo all of those! ;)


Currently on my desk, however:


Various paints from various manufacturers.


Green Stuff


Super Glue


All sorts of modeling flock/static grass is various containers


My CD player, and current favorite discs.


3 cups of water


2 rolls of paper towel


Brushes, files, pin vise, xacto knife, etc..


14025 Kyla the Bounty Hunter  (almost done)


14026 Khadath, the Mummy (primed)


14020 Lola (primed, base-coated)


Verocithrax (so close to completion I could just cry)


Kaladrax (Not quite as done as 'Thrax)


Deathsleet (Primed, shaded)

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