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Movies you never tire of

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Ok, I just bought a new TV with an integral DVD player and I am excited. It is a huge 13" screen and I have placed next to my painting table. I am hoping it will have two effects, first make me want to paint and allow me to watch movies my wife is sick of :)


I love watching certain movies over and over, except I cannot sit and watch them without doing something else cause I get bored. My wife never wants to hear the names of the movies again, let alone watch them. I think this all started when I was in HS and would watch the cartoon of the Hobbit and LoTR while I painted. Now I will again get to watch old favorites and paint. I am a happy man.


What are some movies you never tire of?

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Almost all of the above along with:


Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Die Hard, Die Hard With a Vengence, The Last Boy Scout, Big Trouble in Little China, Clerks and Tombstone amongst MANY MANY others. Matter of fact, here's my collection if anyone is interested. Some of the ones I listed I only have on vidoe, so they're not on the list.




Yeah, I'm a movie FREAK!!! ::D:

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I have to jump on board with many of the above-mentioned. I'm a huge sci-fi/fantasy geek, I watched the Academy Awards this year and cheered like it was the Superbowl when RotK pulled down Best Picture and PJ reeled in Best Director. However, I have to add Dances With Wolves to the list. I love that movie. Always have.

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hudson hawk. bruce willis at his comedic finest.

the highlander. there can be only one.

pitch black. now THATS an anti-hero.

finding nemo. my son loves it and the jokes never get old-ellen degeneres's best role; she actually made me laugh :poke:


the hobbit

lotr-movies AND old cartoon

dragonslayer. best animatronic big lizard in history. very dark ages d&d.

and of course everything everyone else named.

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