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I posted this yesterday:  




Re: Chicken-of-the-woods fungus 

unfortunately it is rare to find, and hard to cultivate, so i have never seen or tasted it myself.  
my dad was always tromping around in the wild - I should check if he ever found any.  (less so now that he is an octogenarian) 
Mostly he found different types of moss,  he has a bit of published work and citations for it. 


I actually called him to talk about his upcoming cancer surgery,  and my plans for coming out to help at the farm while he was in the hospital.
He seemed exhausted by a day of medical appointments, so it was only about a 30 min call and I didn't bother asking him about the shrooms. 
I was the last person to have a conversation with him.   He passed away at home, over night. 
He was more ready to go, than we were ready for him to leave. 

I did this small canvas of their sheep farm as a gift, it was finished Feb 1.  and I was waffling about painting a larger version with a frame and all. 



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I'm very sorry, and also know words don't help much.  Not much does.  Time only helps a little bit. I sometimes wake up thinking mom is alive for about 30 seconds before I remember, including just today.  Five years, and it still hits like a ton of bricks each time.  

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On 2/9/2024 at 8:21 AM, Evilhalfling said:

He was more ready to go, than we were ready for him to leave.

i think his instincts were good, cancer surgery and treatment at a certain point as you age becomes more of an ordeal than a treatment. May he rest in peace, and i'm sorry for your loss

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