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Ral Partha/Iron Wind Metals Female Barbarian with Sword and Shield, sculpted by Dennis Mize DF-349


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Good evening all you Reaper addicts!


So originally I hadn't planned it this way, but this gal did end up with some Red Sonja colored hair, even though she doesn't look soooo much like Red Sonja except for the little chain mail bikini.   And then the other issue I had was I just ran out of ideas and inspiration for her shield, and now as I look at the coloring, who knows what I was thinking, but oh well, what's done is done and working on the next one already.  So here she is for your enjoyment




I'd have to confirm it, but I think she is one of the ones that Dennis Mize sculpted in response to the Fantasy Tribes, the original Citadel models that Partha resculpted and sold in the US. 

I also thought I had a bit more white at the tip of her nose, but it doesn't seem to be reflected in the photo. I usually try to always get a good highlight there and thought this was no exception.  Alas....


Fun and pretty simple miniature, but yeah, I was totally out of ideas on what to do with the shield, so just did some shapes.  Maybe a better shield next time for the next flat defensive surface I have to paint!



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4 hours ago, Dr Boom said:

So much detail on such a tiny mini.

She's actually, while very small, not as small as let's say the earlier pieces from their initial ranges (Personalities and Things that Go Bump In the Nght, Children of the Night, All Things Dark and Dangerous).  And she's kind of got a big head!

1 hour ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good job on her!


I have her (painted even!); at least you tried something on her shield, I just went for plain boring metal.

I almost just left her blue but then just felt the need to actually put something there, even if it was only a few random lines and triangles!

44 minutes ago, Glitterwolf said:

She looks good!

And she picked up that shield from the Elf she just finished off.

She very well may have!

2 minutes ago, jdizzy001 said:

I love these old minis, especially when they’re painted so well!

I love old minis no matter how they are painted!

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8 minutes ago, Nial ap Morai said:

lol, he will take her out for a couple sandwiches 

Sounds good! They can talk about their recent adventures, who they last killed, what they’ve found lying around on dungeons floors, should be a beautiful evening. 

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