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The Awenasan Battlefield part one


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Hmmm, found some more pics of a few oddities mentioned here and there, but some better views of some of these things. These are some of the things you might find throughout our campaign, on the Awenasan Battlefield. Some of these are zoomed views of other pics; this is to get a general idea of whats what.



This is a Samurai variant Regent assigned to 1st Tomahawk, Cherokee Wolf. The Samurai has become a consistent addition to typical UTDF forces; High speed, AA abilities, good armor reasonable punch with a high precision targeting system.



This is the Redhawk Bravo variant Starhawk V. its one of the most widely used CAVs in the UTDF and LWC arsenal. One Charvel GGC is swapped for a diedre mark one, electronics and Breeder upgrades to improve performance of the Redhawk. The configuration of weapons indicates whether it’s an Alpha, Bravo or Charlie variant.



This is a Strike Raptor assigned to Battle Force Tiamat (T1MAT) 1st Tango Rangers. Strike Raptors have the same outer appearance but the electronics and breeder match the Talon. The ECCM pod is swapped for a chain lock pod and usually assigned to spot for Wakizashi variant Katanas.



The Wakizashi is fairly new so pics are hard to come by, but here is one inside a bay of the Condor Drop ship. So far, the Wakizashi (Wacky Zack) has served admirably with the Rangers.



The TAK Sinopa A2 is a light striker CAV outfitted with a “Slagger”; the Slagger fires a nanobot gel canister which attack and reprogram the repair systems of enemy CAVs for a variety of effects. Earlier versions fired an EMP burst, however the A3 (currently being sculpted) will feature improved joint architect and a composite frame.

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