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The Awenasan Battlefield Part two


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The UTE artillery system is basically a Chimera mounted on a Poltergeist chassis. I found a good use for these old tanks. Instead of modes like the Chimera, the UTE fires a variety of shells at ranges of 48 to 60 inches. The UTE were devastating when they were used against G Unit during the Battle of Bayamon Bridge.



The Atsila Anti Aircraft system is a mobile turret defense system, basically track mounted Charvels inclined to a 45 degree angle. This is good against hard or soft air targets, great for protecting an area you think the enemy might use as a DZ. Throw in some Samurai, and dropships are due for serious problems.



This is of course a Gear in Wild Apache Colors, but we proxy these for Special Operations Cybots (SOC) which have proven themselves extremely useful for incursion operations. A section of these SOCs backed by Gunships laid waste to 2 sections of Super heavies in route to support Delgado Battery defenses at the Battle of Bayamon Bridge. Battery Commander Saul Delgado himself, piloting a Rhino was captured in this operation.





Although LWC is has streamlined its inventory of equipment to either Mitso Ta or SyRAM; Special Forces and Ghost insertion teams have opted to hold on to its SOF Puma inventory. The SOF Puma features the upgraded electronics suite of the KDM Panther, however, LWC technicians have created a third mount on the rear shoulder for an automatic loading, TL system guided SAG Heavy Mortar. This specialized unit is rare and not even offered as part of the KDM product line, it has only been seen to date with UTDF Special Forces units, and LWC Ghost teams.



On the battlefield, the Ghosts move silently, taking out precision targets and fading away into obscurity. They often work in teams of two or three; they can be placed on a mount like a typical light infantry stand, or on their own mini base for expanded operations. Once positioned, they can be extremely dangerous and tough to root out of urban and heavily forested areas.



The Navajo light Tank is still under research and development. Reasonably inexpensive, fast, decent armored and flexible with its turret mounted Charvel gatling gauss cannon, the Navajo is proving itself to be a asset to commanders on the battlefield.



The Prefect Marcus Wheatley is the premier corporate main battle tank, built by Terrans for Terrans. Its main weapon is the Apiatan Ultra 1 Gauss Cannon, which fires at a range of 40. Its rack mounted M64 artillery rockets can offer indirect support at 48, and FA45 machine gun port for close support against soft targets. This tank has teeth, its not second line by any means, and very capable of standing toe to toe with a superiority CAV.

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actually these are a collection of various battles, posedowns and the like. basically to show some of the specialty units we use within our campaign. theres a Part three in the works.


the Tango Incursion thread is actually following a battle in progress, I think I can post this somewhere. just not sure where?

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Unfortunately, This thread is only showing things you might find on the Awenasan Battlefield. The link would point you to an actual battle in progress.


Tango Incursion



Frosch was the dude who came up with the name UTE, I couldn't find a reasonable name for it. For freindly games, he probably wouldn't mind, so as long as the concept is accessable to everyone



Here are the stats as they are now.


The UTE and the Atsila are classified as mobile turrets. They can move or fire, not both. other than that they play like any other unit, but more mission specific. They cannot be modified,They are too system specific. A Fire control vehicle or some kind of spotter is usually a good idea.


We're gonna test some new house rules on the UTE, three of them chained to a fire control vehicle. the FCV can recieve chainlock pod targeting information from other sections, provided it makes a successful target lock. The UTE chain in as normal.


The Atsila can fire in FLAK mode, linking three of these units to an FCV. The FCV makes a successful target lock AGAINST AIRCRAFT IN HYBRID OR HIGH FLIGHT, the Atsila chain in and pepper them with saturation of rounds.


Still thinking about the FCV, but I found a 10mm LAV 25 that could be converted into something nice.

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