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Mycological Madness (44043 Killer Fungi, 44045 Shrieking Fungi and 44136 Fungal Guardian)

Dr Boom

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Third time's the charm . . .


I think these are the last fungi from the Darkreach box, although you never know what might sprout up in the dark.


First up are the Killer Fungi. These started off as translucent purples, not that you can tell once I'm finished with them. A bit rough in places but I think the colour scheme would not be out of place on a poster for a rave or a psychedelic band T-shirt.




Next, the shrieking fungi. I like how these appear to have been sculpted to show different stages in the shrieking process. I can picture them concertinaing and puffing outwards to generate that godawful noise.




Finally the fungal guardian. Nothing too special, but I did try a different look for the cap than the classic fly agaric you normally get with mushies with moulded spots. I'm happy with the chestnut shades for this one.



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Love these - my favorite is the first one, those wet, green spots! and also partial to the second one which looks so natural (great shading) - until you get to the tentacles!

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