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Shawn of the Dead?


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Since I was out of town all last week, I'm not sure if this one made the rounds...


Shawn of the Dead


Anyone see it? Man oh man was it good! Funny as heck, yet still retaining it's true horror roots. It's kinda strange, seeing as they took what is quite possibly the most gruesome of the horror mainstays (the 'Night of the Living Dead', Resident Evil, 'Dawn of the Dead' Zombie Uprising premise) and turned it into a comedy... But, if you're a fan of the dry british humor ala Snatch or Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, you WILL not be dissapointed!


Tooo good for words. It's the kinda movie that you just want to quote one liners from for weeks afterwards. Anywho... that's my Dollarsign point oh two.

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It's definately a cross between "The Office" and "Dawn of the Dead". Quickly made it towards the top of my "favorite movies" list.


There were so many little references and stuff too.. like the fact that Ash called in sick to work, the little blurb on the tele about "It is said the source of the outbreak being rage infested monkeys is bull...*click*", the kid on the bus with the headset blaring Kernkraft's "Zombie Nation"....


I mean, there are so many to list, it's so worth seeing. :)

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