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Kaladrax, Skeletal Dragon (small bones version -with PICTS!

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I believe I won this in an RCL raffle.  
Primed with brush on primer and then painted with army painted speed paint (palid bone) 

There was some patches where the contrast paint pulled away the primer, returning it to grey.

i just added new layers of both. 
this really was painting in easy mode

until I decided to add snow and ice to brace do I could enter it as seasonal figure for RCL 


this is while I wait for stone colors to dry before adding snow mix 

bother image upload issues…
trying other things - nope


bone dragon.jpg


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9 hours ago, lowlylowlycook said:

Wait, has the server room been overrun by Picts?  That would be a problem.


Problems are due to security measures.

Kit is working on it it seems.



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