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Hyrekia #2810

Stern Kestrelmann

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Could have been The Fallen as well.


I can never keep you "The FillInTheBlank" guys straight.

It was me with the purple.


If you ever saw me in person you would understand were my nickname came from.


"When I go to the beach I'm the only one who gets a tan."

Wierd Al



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HOwever, next time I paint her


I'm looking forward to it.


I really admire your skillz, SK. I paint to a tabletop standard for a weekly D&D game with some friends, but I try to push my own paiting to turn out the best minis I can while experimenting, converting, etc. so I understand and appreciate your trying something different.


I love having the opportunity to see and discuss others' work. There are some immensely talented painters here. I'm anxious to put some pics of my own figures up and get some feedback myself.


I think your end result is still a success, and a beautiful piece.

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Late 2004. Ah those were the days... So many replies! Had a lot of fun re-reading these comments. Of course this pre-dates the separate WIP section, hence a WIP in the SHOW OFF section.


Here's a link to the new photo (sorry it's a little dark). Hopefully, this will jar your memory DS. ::):






Mods if you want to move this to the WIP section that'd be fine with me.


**linked for nudity**

Hyrekia Conversion late 2004

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Looks very good, although I'm not the greatest fan of that "remove the tops from girlies" thing, lol. Anyway, I already told my opinion at Darkstar's recently topic. Like that purple very much and the very clean painting. The face is just amazing VERY GOOD!!!

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I was unable to link to the WIP pics, but admittedly didn't join Reaper Forums until very recently. So reading the back postings, I was a little curious to see how this version of Hyrekia look. I'm not a big fan of bare boobies on female minis, and since this is one of my favorite Reaper figs, I wasn't sure I was going to like the finished product. Well, I was wrong!!! The inclusion of the skull on the base screams "NECROMANCER!!!", and Necromancers never follow the codes for proper dress. (Besides, what better way to say "Don't mess with me punk!" than to let your boobs hang out of your dress?) Anyway it all works, and more importatly, it looks very good!

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