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Instigators ARISE!


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The answer is easy... they're better than us... ::P:


Mostly, because we're lazy....


Heck, I've been here as long as any of them, and I'm not even 3/4 the way there!


Granted, when you reach the ripe old age of Uber-Mensch, you'll get lazy too and talk about things like when you used to have to paint mini's in snow up to your waist, uphill... umm... both... ways?

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The problem with this is that if you celebrate being an instigator too wildly, suddenly you won't be one anymore.



What does that mean? :unsure:



I means that if they cause TOO much trouble, we will KILL them!!!!





No, if they get too overjoyed at being an Instigator and post a lot, they'll move on to the next level. :poke:

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