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Instigators ARISE!


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What did I miss?

Some idiot throw their sandle out a window and hit me on the head. :angry: I was out cold for days :grr:

Then I woke up to find my left shoe missing!?! ::(: What kind of a world is this where a man can't sleep in the street without being mugged for his shoes!


And why is Greyhawke strapping Tatsu to a scarificially altar? Oh, I guess I answered my own question... :blush:


Oh, well when in Rome... scarifice the weak :devil:

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MAn! I need to pay more attention! I hadn't realized this thread had gotten so long! Whew! NOw, if I recall corrrectly, when I asscended to godhood, back in the misty days of the past, I claimed relalry and dance as my "domains" So, Let's all play nice, eat drink and dance party-smiley-020.gif til we puke! Or would that be eat dance party-smiley-020.gif and drink til we puke? Your preference as long as you have good time! ::D: Anyway, let's party! party-smiley-020.gif



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