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Instigators ARISE!


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See, I am easliy pleased. Crack open your favorite drink and that's sacrifice enough for me! ::D:


Ahhh but does your avatar have the huge over teased, peroxide blonde hair and cartoonish clown make up, not to mention the brightly coloured, skin tight leather clothes? Or does your avatar appear more like a Satyr in the traditional Baccanalian images>


Neither, More of a down to earth country gilr with her trusty horse, because I forgot to include I hold sway over the equine domain too! :lol:


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Well personally I accept sacrifices of food (Fully cooked), the fruits of the vine, portions of a harvest, honey, milk, and services.  I don't like living beings being sacrificed.  :rolleyes:

Hmmm... so I should COOK Tatsu first, next time? I'll have to remember that :devil:


In the meantime, here's something that definitely contains portions of a harvest... *psst, glug, glug glug* AH! That was good! Here's to ya! ::D:


It was a long day at work... I think I'll have another ^_^


Damn, I coulda shwore i had a kaysh here *hiccup*. Where'd it all go? :wacko:





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OH, in that case, remember the group Vixen? LT

Oh yes..I remember Vixen... :wub:



* scoots his throne nearer LT's. *







I've decided to claim the realms having to do with war and battle. Specifically the use of guile and machiavellian tactics to achieve victory. Although I can be called upon for a simple "we hope we win" blessing. ::):

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